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Prayers For Humanity

By Hadel S. Ma’ayeh Poem from “FROM THE HEART” A Journey of Love


A poor man pilfers because he is in need

A rich man pilfers because of his greed. 


A revolution of hatred to awareness

A revolution of ignorance to wakefulness. 


The lonely ask why the severity

Those with envy ask why the empathy. 


Fortitude for the destitute

Solitude for the multitude. 


A child cries boisterously from the hunger

A woman cries boisterously from the torture. 


Prayers for the unfed and the abandoned dead

Prayers for the forlorn and the unborn. 


Prayers for the just and the unjust

Prayers for dignity and humanity.  

Want to connect with Hadel Ma’ayeh and learn more then go to   Links to her personal social media accounts and about book / author.

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  1. Thank you Hadel. Very meaningful.

  2. Great thoughts, thank you

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