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Razan Abu Daqqa founder of one of the biggest social online forums for women in Sharjah


Meet the 26 year old Architect Razan Abu Daqqa, who started to emerge with her purposeful online social initiative that connects ladies in Sharjah UAE, to help them find solutions to whatever problems or inquiries they may have. Her online initiative has more than one hundred and fifty thousand ladies from all walks of life, a place where women meet to discuss different issues which in turn helps empower any woman who wants to work or establish her own business.

Arab Woman Platform met with Razan Abu Daqqa to highlight her meaningful social initiative,

Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself and background?

I am an Architect graduated in 2011 at Al Hosn University in Abu Dhabi. And recently I ventured into media through my radio program “innovators” and my filmed program “heya wa Howa” (Her & Him) with Dr. Hassan Al Mazeen.

Did you always have such a social personality even as a child?

Yes since childhood I had many social relationships as I like interacting with people. I suspect that this added strength to my character until I was able to lead such a large group of women.

How did the idea of the social page come about?

The idea started when I moved from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah. And because I am very social in my nature I established women’s gatherings to get to know women in Sharjah and from there my idea evolved and my plans grew until it got to where it is today.

Did you expect such huge success for your initiative?

Honestly no. Success came very quickly and consecutively that it even impressed me personally; the founder of the Forum. The Interaction of women was amazing and still is growing. And I believe that my good administration of the group is what made it excel. But this requires a lot of time and effort.

What are some rewarding goals that have been achieved and realized through this huge E-initiative?

Many goals have been achieved through the forum. Many women have started their businesses beginning small and developing and progressing to success.  Others have found employment. And many women have changed their outlook on life and went out of the context of domestic daily routine. They began to read, exercise and try other useful activities.

razadaqqa1Your initiative empowers women indirectly weather helping them start a business or find work, tell us some of these empowerment success stories?

Many women began to display their work and potential from their homes. And later have developed and become official commercial businesses. Others benefited from the many job opportunities posted on the forum and found a new suitable job for themselves.

Does the forum also help in spreading knowledge among the ladies?

It has always been my passion to help women’s development even before staring my forum. It is really my concern to help liberate women from the traditional context which she placed for herself for many years, and considers life from a new perspective. In fact women are capable of being active members in the community if they have the strength, will and determination. I am always eager to spread high spirits of optimism and activity in the women’s meetings.

Finally, what are your future plans?

On a personal level I wish to present a program specifically addressing women’s issues, because I do not feel like women related topics are being highlighted enough by the media. Many women’s issues remain pending and there is no one that covers it in depth.

What advice do you give stay at home women?

I tell her that every woman can be an active member in society only if she wanted to. If she has an opportunity for education, then get educated. If she has a certain skill or talent to continue to develop her craft and innovate to start her own business. Ultimately in my view, all women have creative energies and hidden talents waiting for real opportunities to materialize and see the light.


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