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What We Really Lack Is Love

By Victoria Cayce 


Breathtakingly simple, yet so elusive that we long for it- crave it at our core- adrift in a world that never seems to have enough. The answer to every question, the fulfillment of every longing glance, the answer is always just one word: love.

It sounds naive doesn’t it? The simple idea that we should stop killing each other, evolve past our serial mutilation of the earth, be kind to one another, feed one another and work together towards peaceful goals seems too silly to actually implement.

The very concept of protecting and sharing our planet is greeted with in the same way the Grand Inquisitor dealt with the unfortunate ones the condemned to torture: without mercy or the courage to rise above our basest impulses.

We teach our children to share their toys yet cannot seem to grasp the concept on a larger scale. We teach the young not to hit one another or call each other ugly names, but somehow that does not carry over to our actions as adults.

So what do we do to fill up the spaces of our hearts?

We buy more. We run harder. We chase the elusive dream and quench our thirst with whatever is trending now. We must fit in and be like everyone else in order to belong.

We purchase things that are made, designed to wear out, and then repeat the cycle over and over, and over again.

Drive to this job in a shiny car so feel important. Get a bigger home. Fill it with an unending parade of gadgets and the very latest decor.

Then you will finally matter. Then you will be important.

While this will not silence the ache inside of you, you can distract yourself with whatever the flavor-of-the-month celebrity is doing in their bedroom.

Unhappy? Take this pill. While you are at it, be sure to make a profit off the sick and the needy. The business gurus all have the same mantra: find a perceived need and fill it.

That way, we can all make more so we can buy more things to play with and then discard it all in a landfill.

This is why the child with a bloated yet empty belly goes hungry in a world of plenty. This is why we measure the worth of a human being in what they wear, own, or the number they hit on a bathroom scale.

Because we are afraid. Afraid to walk a different path. Afraid that we will not be esteemed or accepted otherwise. Afraid we lack the power to make real changes.

The opposite of love you see, is not hate.

It is fear. Fear of the other. Fear that we cannot really live as brothers and sisters because someone else will harm us.

Hate is preached everywhere we look. Hate, after all, is the most profitable product of all. It is broken down into bite-sized, easy to swallow and even easier not to question.

The end result is that we hunker down, feeling powerless, watching the world from fearful eyes, mistrusting everyone that is not a member of our narrowly defined group.

Fear. That is the basis of our all discrimination, all want, all need, all injustice.

Fear that there is not enough. Fear that we must share (and we do not like the idea of sharing). When we fixate on protecting our territory, our imaginary boundary lines, our skin color, we do so because we lack the courage to face the ego driven fear in ourselves.

Hate is a coward. It is easy to be angry. It is easy to hate and to label. It is easier to point a finger in derision than it is to peer beneath the surface to find the common ground.

What we need is not a wall, but a love that allows us to share. Love is the answer my friends. Love is deeper, higher and more magnificent than anything else we can even imagine.

Love heals. Love accepts. Love is kind. Love is goodness in action. You may feel powerless against the tide, but you are not.

One act of kindness is a domino that may sets the whole world in motion. You matter. What you do, on both a small and large scale, matters. We transform the world not by large scale movements, but by small acts of ordinary kindness and mercy.

No matter our past, We all have the power to be more than we were.

All we need is the courage to do so in our everyday life.

Be brave. Choose love. Choose peace. Start here. Start now. Where you are.

Move forward, even if it is incrementally. Start by forgiving others. Start by forgiving yourself. Start by being gentle.

Choose forgiveness. Choose inclusiveness. Choose peace. Choose kindness. Live it. Breathe it. Be it.

We do not need to draw a circle that keeps others out. We can be part of an endless circle that takes us all in.

Be love. For love regards everyone with kindness.

All great teachers have stated this one truth: love is the answer to all of it.

Peace to all beings. Namaste.


Victoria Cayce is a freelance writer, shaman, healer, energy worker and spiritual teacher. As a writer, she covers both mundane and spiritual topics. She also leads people on guided inner journeys (by appointment). You can reach her via Facebook or email at: CayceWritingCompany@gmail.com
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9414900

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