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Re-Energize With A Passion

I’m a multi-roll woman; I’m a mother of 3 boys, wife, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, and a Research Associate at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. My secret trick for maintaining my well-being while balancing my many roles is simply having at least one hobby of my own. While we, working mothers, are always searching for good tips on work-home balance, we tend to  miss an element that has nothing to do with home or work, and that is a hobby that we are truly passionate about. I know that some moms are rolling their eyes now because they think that their kids are too young to have the time or energy for selfish activities, but what if I suggest that it is when our children are young and we’re struggling  between school  and work  that having a passion of our own is most important?

I do have a list of reasons to prove my suggestion. My reasons are gained by my experience as having been a working mother for 20 years.  I found out that having a hobby gives me energy to take care of my kids .  for example when I go on a crochet date with one of my crocheter friends, it’s like a way to say Thank you to myself after an exhausting week with the boys, hopefully until they are old enough to say it. Yes, taking care of children is an exhausting job no matter how much we love it, but indulging in a personal passion is as rewarding as the sweet kisses and night cuddles I get from my kids. If my suggestion makes you feel guilty and selfish, then would you rather  feel yourself always pouring out for the family ?

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I also believe that hobbies make us more interesting people, with more interesting topics and knowledge to share with the husband and friends, other than diapers and breastfeeding vs. formula conversations. I have to mention here  that I’m a sincere advocate to breastfeeding !! When I decided to get a diving license with my kids, I didn’t realize that I was going to do the best mom-kids project of our life. First, it was just a way to feed my selfish passion and love in the mysterious sea  and marine life, but then it took a whole different purpose. It became the family’s most valuable time to share as much as it is a me-time for myself!! My advice for moms is to keep one of your hobbies as a shared activity with the kids. You do it for you first, but everybody else enjoy it as much as you do. Those moments when we spotted a huge turtle in the bottom of the Red Sea, a large Murray eel in the Arabian sea, or a pod of dolphins swimming with us are absolutely priceless. Imagine the feeling of being an interesting person to your own kids!!Cool, right?

Lastly, I believe that a hobby, that makes us love our life, can be a strong motivation for us to give more at work where most of us grudgingly  show up only to get paid. Well, I surely guarantee   that this can be a lot easier if you love your life and have a fun goal, such as  saving up for a diving trip, art supplies and  more yarn, and not only for car service and school fees !

Written by: Abeer Al Qattan


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