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Relationships between Rage and Rancor

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


What an irony where blood relationships get severed, with growing rage and rancor! What prompts people to embrace discord and shun love? Is it devilish temptations, lack of elegant etiquette, or hyperbolic hatred?

Of all stages of human life, perhaps, the best phase is childhood…away from worries, devoid of odium and full of innocence and playfulness. That’s the time when we, unaware and helpless, find our parents as our loving guardians, attentive caretakers and generous mentors. With them we nurture and prosper, and without them we are nowhere.

Ah, what a speedy shift from childhood to youth! No one makes a hearty farewell to childhood that’s all composed of playful attitudes, bonding love and blossoming unity, but with the leap of youth, everyone forgets the sweetest past.

Marital lives, growing families, broadening burden of living, varied viewpoints and there’s so much that keep one away from another.

Ugh…What despicable divisions are in show! Children against their parents, brother against brother, and sister against sister…sometimes, it is verbal abuse from elders or either young referring their elders with disrespect.

Brothers and sisters, with their horrid hostility live conflicting lives…either they don’t talk to each other or if they meet anytime they spew their old, selfish thoughts. Vain, shabby discussions and nothing worthwhile!

Recently, on the way to my office in a taxi, I had a brief chat with the cab driver. While narrating something, he diverted his topic, and started abusing someone.

“O, he is a swindler…I gave him 16,000 US$ for investment from my hard-earned savings, and he deceived me without returning anything”, he said angrily.

“Who cheated you?” I asked him.

“Unfortunately, my own brother-in-law and when I ask him repeatedly to return my money, he says that someone else is the culprit for loss,” he said.

“And when I insisted to show me the person, he says nothing,” he continued. “Perhaps, one day, I’ll thrash him enough, without even caring my sister…who cares, after all, it’s my money,” he grumbled furiously.

Seriously when we ponder, how sometimes trifling affairs turn into family feuds…even blood relationships split due to stale hatred, insignificant criticisms, money matters or delay in loan repayment. Oftentimes, in many cases, because of differences and enmity, members of same families refuse to resolve their disputed issues. Funnily, they say it in a typical, theatrical style like ‘You be off from my sight’ or ‘Never dare to step into my house’.

When it comes to disagreement, conversations turn up into heated arguments, each frowning against other, everyone tit-for-tat in vengeance…no respite, no harmony, no concern…it’s all greedy, aggressive world for the sake of worldliness, wealth, worthless boasting or melancholic issues.

Shouldn’t we examine ourselves…are we devoid of love, harmonious feelings and truthfulness? Should we blame our morose hearts for discomforting divisions or devil’s whispering? I guess when devil is done with his whispering and temptations, it’s working of the hearts that provoke quirky clashes and derision.

It’s utterly miserable in front of parents when quarrels prevail among brothers due to their wives’ whimpering or sisters, in defense of their obstinate husbands, fighting and rebuking their brothers for nothing.

Ay, is human conscience short of grace that knows not the freshness of forgiveness?  What comes to disperse the simple sympathy making hearts arrayed for conflicts?  Perhaps, it’s all dissension and loathing, emerging from scalding anger, bitterness and revenge.

O, what if, man be known genius or popular, but still, untutored to act real human.

Let’s remember that the towering triumph of a human being is when he/she is truly humane where jealousy is discarded and gentleness embraced.


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