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Renowned Dubai photographer captures stunning images of Dubai in unique weather


German photo artist Sebastian Tontsch creates magical visions of Burj Khalifa and Dubai’s cityscape in nighttime shoot as fog rolls across emirate

A renowned German, Dubai-based photographer – Sebastian Tontsch – struck creative gold over the weekend as intense weather conditions continued to envelop the emirate. From a balcony 73- floors up at the top of Index Tower in the Downtown area, he managed to capture a set of breathtaking nighttime images that have been setting social media alight.

Eerily beautiful, Burj Khalifa is seen rising out of the dense fog as neon, multi-coloured lights shine through from the city below. Using a Canon 6D camera, his captures have sparked the imagination of the UAE community, and beyond.

“There is one shot that every photographer worth his salt wants to have of Dubai, and that is of the city covered in thick fog,” said Tontsch.

“It’s very rare to see dense fog in the emirate and when it comes in from the desert you have to be in the right place at the right time – which most of the time is the very early morning hours. I was chasing this shot for two years and this weekend finally the heavens were kind enough to give me, not just fog, but amazing cloud formations as well, which is a very rare thing. It was totally unexpected and a real thrill. You can’t beat Dubai for taking great images, but this was something special.”

As well as a series of stunning stills, Tontsch also put together a dramatic time-lapse video of the fog spreading through the city which has been shared thousands of times.



Sebastian Tontsch


Facebook – sebastiantontschphotography
Instagram – @sebastian_t1000

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