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Revealing The Secret Weapons Behind Sir Richard Branson & Eric Schmidt

‘Behind every successful business, is a PA’. Executive Assistants to Richard Branson and Eric Schmidt, will take to the stage, alongside longstanding EA Campaigner, Melba Duncan, in Dubai, 18 and 19th November 2015, in a bid to lead change for Executive, Personal and Administrative professionals who often attract outdated, stereotypical judgment, and quite frequently go unrecognized for the middle-management expertise they deliver – highlighting why the PA industry is revolutionary, and has become instrumental in underpinning the success of multinational companies throughout the world.

The rise of those in middle-management roles has been under the spotlight since the global recession hit, and those who now hold the real power behind multinational corporations, have been waiting in the wings, underestimated, and unrecognized for too long.

Helen Clarke PA to Sir Richard Branson, will address PAs in Dubai, discussing her career and experience working with a high profile employer. A well-known gatekeeper, to one of the world’s most recognized brand names, Helen is keen to promote the development of the PA and administrative role across the UAE, commenting:  

“Becoming an assistant, no matter the size of the business, or the person you work for, is an investment, both from the point of view of the time – given the 24/7 nature of the role, and in terms of your career. Assistants help to develop and shape the growth of businesses, alongside their boss. By providing the correct level of support and information to your boss, you allow them to do what they are good at – developing and shaping the growth of their business.

So raising the importance of administrative support in areas such as Dubai, which are constantly growing, is key. Administrative assistants and teams need both recognition and develop in order for them to be able to support business growth in the best possible way.

The UAE market is prime for assistants wanting to create their career path within some of the world’s biggest organisations who are setting up offices across the region. It’s fantastic to see that organisations such as Executive Secretary LIVE are on hand to provide training, mentoring and a global network of contacts to Administrative teams in Dubai.

The confidential nature of the role itself, can sometimes make PAs feel that they are on their own, and setting boundaries with your employer can be hard, but when you have other people in the same field as you, that you can ask for support and guidance, you really begin to make the most of your career, and as a result, are a much better support for your employer.

I’m looking forward to sharing my story at Executive Secretary LIVE, in Dubai, with assistants from areas across the UAE.”

EAs and PAs from across the world will congregate at Executive Secretary LIVE, 18th & 19th November, at the Oberoi Hotel, to experience 2 days of intensive training and inspiration from the world’s most motivational speakers. Taking advice from those that have led change across some of the world’s most successful global businesses, and of course witnessing the true integrity and strength required to be a truly exceptional gatekeeper to high profile figureheads.

Visionary Author, and CEO of the Duncan Foundation, an organisation focused on Business Education for Executive Assistants, Melba J Duncan, has been helping to raise the profile of the industry across America for some time. Recognised for her insightful interview at The Harvard Business Review, where she revealed Assistants as ‘The Secret Weapons Behind Great Leaders’  Joining the line-up of renowned speakers, Melba added:

“From the outset, I want you to know that the position of Executive Management Assistant has advanced in stature.  Today, Professional Executive Management Assistants do their work brilliantly, and have gained recognition as contributing members of the management team.  These are revolutionary changes. This profession is growing exponentially to embody aspects of leadership and management, with the Executive/Executive Management Assistant Business Partnership as the evolved relationship configuration. It’s time for new thinking.   

“No longer are Executive Management Assistants the secret weapon of great leaders.  Rather, they are now acknowledged Business Partners, whose effective skills are competitive and influential.  This is workplace triumph.”

Today’s EAs, PAs and Administrative Professionals are career driven, business savvy executives with a thirst for success, career development and recognition.

Director of Executive Secretary LIVE, Lucy Brazier commented:

“The role of PA’s and admin assistants has changed dramatically over the past 5 years, due to the effects of recession. Gone are the days of simply fetching the coffee and sitting at a typewriter. Professionals who operate in this sector of industry are crucial to the success and profitability of a company, and it is important to continue investing time, effort and resources into moving the profession forward.”

The Speaker line-up at the global conference Executive Secretary LIVE also include: Laura Belgrado – Former Executive Assistant to MD GSA Microsoft Corp,  Motivational speaker, trainer & linguist; Vickie Sokol Evans – World class Microsoft Office Master Instructor; Bonnie Low- Kramen – One of the most respected voices in the profession; Heather Baker – best selling author and creator of the BakerWrite speedwriting system; Victoria Darragh – Internal PA networking champion and award-winning EA; Peggy Vasquez –

Chief Executive Assistant to PNNL Laboratory Director & Author of “Not Just an Admin”; and  International PA trainer & Event Director Lucy Brazier.

For more information on Executive Secretary LIVE, the leading international event for senior and aspiring Administrative Professionals, in Dubai, 18th-19th November, at the Oberoi Hotel, please visit: 

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