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Rula Zaki a singer spreading love in 14 different languages


Meet the delicate and inspirational Egyptian singer Rula Zaki, unlike other singers around she mesmerizes her audience in 14 different languages; spreading peace and compassion with her voice all over the world. She is the winner of several awards and participant in several significant cultural festivals.

Not only a singer; Rula pays it forward by teaching music to children in Egypt, as she is a Kindermusik Licensed Educator and a Certified Early Childhood Music Specialist. Currently Rula is an Elementary Music teacher at Cairo American College and the British International School.

Rula was raised in a compassionate family her parents “Fadia & Galal” are role models in every way, supporting their daughter and making most of the new age.

AWM has the pleasure to place her among our inspirational women in this issue,

Tell the readers who is Rula Zaki and what you achieved?

I am dedicated to promoting love, peace and understanding amongst all religions and cultures, trying to bridge the gap between people.
I am a Gemini. I graduated from Cairo American College and there I earned an Acting award.  I also got most outstanding vocalist Award from Crane Youth Music School in New York. I performed in London Honor Choir and Vienna Honor Choir and was the only performer to receive a perfect score of 25/25. I also earned a Certificate of Merit from the Royal Academy of Music in London & Arion Award for Vocal Music, 1991.
Another proud achievement is that I received 7 scholarships to study music in the most reputable universities in the USA. But I earned my Bachelor of music in Vocal Performance from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.

In 2000 I won the Annual International Song Festival in Cairo which I am very proud of.
Many don’t know that I am the voice of Ariel and Cinderella in the Arabic version of Disney’s Little Mermaid, movie and episodes, and Cinderella 1 and 2.

rula zaki1

From what age did you begin singing?

I was 9 years old when my mom discovered my talent and took me to Dr. Raouf Zeidan to take music lessons.

Who are you biggest supporters? 

Both my mom and dad encourage and support my singing career and talent.

rula zaki2What are things you learned from your parents?

I learned a lot from them, like love, humanity, respect and honesty.

Who is your role model?

Of course my parents are my role models in life. As for music, my role models are Julio Iglesias & Celine Dion.

What other activities do you enjoy?

Many things, like acting, and making prank calls on my friends and I have a channel on YouTube “Rulafone” that keeps me busy as well.


What is one lesson you learned in life?

I learned that the secret of happiness is by making other people happy.

Tell us about difficulties you’ve faced?

Everyone at some time or another go through hard times, but let’s stay positive with a smile.

What are things that bring you joy?

What brings me joy is being able to make others happy.

What advice do you give our youth?

My advice is to do your best to be successful & always do what you love.



To check out Rula’s YouTube Channel RulaFone & subscribe click here:


Interview was conducted by  Isra Abozid


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  1. Please listen to Rula Zaki’s song for the opening of the New Suez Canal entitled “Egypt’s Gift to the World “. Also her son for National Unity “Ahl El Ketaab ” English subtitles.

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