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Meet Ryan Singlehurst and his revolutionary SampleMe App

Ryan Singlehurst is an accomplished, versatile and serial entrepreneur with the vision to spot lucrative market needs and the wisdom to create lasting and successful solutions. From the humble beginnings of his first job as an 11 year old milkman to the boardroom of a multimillion dollar company, Ryan’s journey to becoming the founder and CEO of SampleMe has been anything but orthodox.

From a young age his thirst for achievement led him to shun traditional routes in favour of embracing opportunities for maximum growth and development. After dropping out of school, he spent three years in the prestigious Parachute Regiment of the British Army, learning the importance of discipline, teamwork and strategy before leaving to apply these key principles to business.

Having worked in countries all over the world, Ryan has honed his skills to offer a unique perspective on successful business strategy, in multiple sectors. Frequently asked to consult on potential ventures, Ryan is able to offer invaluable strategic process implementation guidance (SPIG) that has transformed the bottom lines of companies again and again.

A sales and marketing guru, Ryan has founded, managed and sold successful companies in fields as wide-ranging as investment and asset management and marketing and food technology. His wealth of experience comes from project realizations on four continents and an unrivalled understanding of demographic behaviour analysis (DBA); enabling him to reach target consumers in the most efficient and effective ways possible. As a digital expert, Ryan has ensured he remains immersed in evolving mediums and a master of all distribution channels necessary to top tier marketing success.

Throughout his career, Ryan has built an unprecedented network of contacts and resources. These partners and trusted experts have now been assembled under his leadership to form the nucleus of SampleMe and provide the springboard for success in the Middle East and beyond.

More about the app:

Introducing SampleMe™: Opinions Wanted, Instant Rewards!

Do you like going out with friends? Do you like shopping or spa treatments or staycations? Do you like getting recommendations on what to do from people you trust? Do you like getting free stuff? Did you answer yes to all of those questions? Even if it was just one, (bet it wasn’t!) SampleMe is the brand new app you cannot afford to live without!

Its premise is super simple and super great; it’s #allaboutme. The app allows you to earn instant free gifts, discounts or prizes just for taking a quick 20 seconds to give your opinion, good or bad. That’s about the same time it takes to instagram your main course! It can also tell you what your friends thought of somewhere and where the hottest new place is. “The app was born from a passion to give, a love to get and a desire to share. Traits we can all empathise with!” said CEO Ryan Singlehurst. “We are delighted to be launching SampleMe in the Middle East market, particularly given the discerning calibre of consumers in this region and the natural culture of sociability that makes the UAE one of the best countries in the world!”

How it works – Give Today, Get Today for doing the things you love!

Download the app for free and it will notify you when you enter a restaurant, store or venue in the SampleMe community. You can then choose to answer a 20 second survey, post a picture or write a quick review. Tell the venue about your experience, what you’ve enjoyed or what you haven’t. Because the app works in real time, the rewards do too. Claim your instant free gift or choose to save your points and redeem them against a super sample prize; take your pick from an hour in a Ferrari, a wakeboarding lesson, a Flyboard session, a professional photoshoot, an HD Brows treatment or eyelash extensions.

Care what other people think? Perfect.

The innovative social search structure of SampleMe allows you not only to share your reviews with friends, but also see what places your friends would recommend, which places they didn’t like and where to get the best deal! So it’s like having a search engine you actually trust (unless

your friends have really bad taste!). There is even a ‘Pay It Forward’ function where you can send your friends a discount code so they can enjoy the places you loved the most!


The SampleMe app is free and easy to use. Use it to review the places you go and get free stuff just for giving your opinion. It will revolutionize the way you share and experience the things you love. The future of feedback is here!

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  1. what a great idea for an app!!

  2. i got a free wake boarding lesson for doing 25 reviews on this app. its a great idea. the design could be a little better and it was kind of hard to figure out. but its a really rewarding app and I’m sure as it gets older it will improve.

  3. This guy Ryan Singlehurst seems smart, but the app in my opinion is not as good as could be. The idea is great but the app needs to improve.

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