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Sahar Jalal Eldine Jubaili President of Ahlouna Association

 From the heart of Saida Lebanon comes a passionate woman dedicating her life to social work and to help improve the lives of many unprivileged. She is Sahar Jalal Eldine Jubaili President of Ahlouna Association; a non-profit, non-governmental civil society organization founded in 2001. Ahlouna provides maintainable educational and social services targeted towards women, youth, children, elderly and disabled individuals in the community of Saida, its core is based on the notion of “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Arab Woman Mag had the honor to speak to Mrs. Sahar Jubaili and tell us about the success of Ahlouna Association,

“We want to empower citizens and help them be independent and add to their community through education and training. But to do so successfully they have to be prepared mentally and emotionally so we first offer them counseling to help them prepare and adapt.

ahlounaFrom there training is given in different fields, such as household services, tailoring, and catering to name a few. Through Ahlouna Association Agro-food facility was created; providing numerous job opportunities to many women with limited education, skills, and disabilities. The factory produces specialty sweets, jams, meat and cheese, plus many famous delicious traditional Lebanese dishes. From funds generated by Agro-food facility they go towards the organizations social and educational programs to ensure sustainability.

Additionally Ahlouna is in collaboration with around 400 companies to help youth, men and women find suitable job opportunities.

Another important program offered by our association is our orphan sponsorship plan. We care to provide for orphans within their family unit, offering counseling, education and care even after reaching university.

We provide student university loans with 0% interest and flexible payment plans upon graduating and securing work. So far 350 students are benefiting from this program.


Another issue that we work hard on is school dropouts, we do our utmost to raise awareness and return these students to school to resume their education, another course of action is enrolling these dropouts in vocational training so they gain a skill that they can live from.

We also pride ourselves with our program for the elderly, so far caring for 50 old aged women through periodical visits to attend to their needs.

Another aspect worth mentioning is we provide assistance and therapy mentally, emotionally and physically to those whom suffered under abuse, rape victims and who have obsessive disorders.

Additionally Ahlouna seasonally distributes food and groceries to low income families. We have our share of exhibitions for our products and selling donated clothes and throw an annual charity event to help raise funds.

What started out as an idea with no physical location, turned into many achievements in a five story building. When passion, dedication, and will power join forces for a greater good; dreams turn into reality.





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  1. Thanks for introducing us to such inspiring women who started from an idea, and grew big out of support of women within the community, just by serving and supporting groups who don’t have the means.

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