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Sandy Audi on a path of success and empowerment



Meet the Palestinian Sandy Audi voted recently by Channel IT magazine as one of the top influencers executives in the IT industry. A mother of 2 who holds a senior position covering over a 100 countries at a global and multinational level, she is also an entrepreneur started her own event management company (Bianca Event Styling). Sandy is known for her mastery of public speaking, leadership skills and most of all her passion for empowering women through various programs.

AWM had the pleasure to find out why Sandy Audi works tirelessly for women empowerment,

sandy3 (1)How did your upbringing play a role in your career choice and love of making a difference?

I was brought up in a family of hard working and loving parents who fed us values before they fed us food. Respect, kindness, courage, modesty and ambition were at the core of my upbringing – at a very young age I learned that success is measured by our ability to change lives and make a difference so this became my guiding principle and the path I chose for my self.

Being a mother of 2 and a successful career woman and entrepreneur how do you balance between these different roles? What is your support system?

I must admit it is difficult and I am constantly under pressure, but getting my priorities right and my passion for success is the name of the game. My family comes first, I know very well how to balance my time and energy, I handle tough situations with patience and I learned how to thrive under pressure.  I am also blessed with a very supportive husband and family who wants to see me successful and always help me with my responsibilities.

sandy1 (1)Do you feel you have the support of other women at work? How can women empower one another?

I do, but I still feel there is room for improvement – I am a true believer of the saying “we rise by lifting others” so I would love to see more women embracing this.
A simple word of encouragement can make all the difference but we must also share our knowledge and experiences, acknowledge other women success and support & promote each other.

In your opinion what needs to be changed in our time to help empower women? And why is it so important?

First, change must start from within, women must dare to dream big, be fearless and fulfill their dreams. The system must also change to enable women to be successful – Women must have equal access to education, societies and companies must have a better understanding of women needs, more diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce, equal opportunity and equal pay and more females taking on leadership positions.

Educate a woman and you educate a society, imagine what can happen if you empower women at all levels!

What made you venture to become an entrepreneur?

Success is a journey and every time I reach a new milestone I thrive to reach the next one – Since I graduated from university I have been very much focused on building  my career in the large corporate world but I always had a dream of running my own events company . At this stage of my life success for me is following my dreams so here I am taking on a new challenge that would take me to new heights.

What is next for Sandy?

Well as always, I have big plans, I am currently focusing on growing Bianca Event Styling and taking my business to the next level with some new innovative ideas.  I am also launching a blog in an effort to give back and support other women by sharing my journey and my expertise.

Any advice you would like to share with our readers?

Believe in yourself and what you are capable of, do not be afraid to take big steps because there is no such thing as failure – You fall, you learn and you get up stronger ……

sandy2 (1)

For translated interview in Arabic click here:
:للعربية اضغط هناساندي-عودة-مِن-أكثر-التنفيذيِّينَ-الم/

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  1. Amazing woman, so proud of you.

  2. Thank you Ibtesam for the kind words !!

  3. Sandy you are an inspiration for a lot of women around you.
    We are all proud of you.

  4. Great to see, congratulations Sandy

  5. When I look at what you have achieved, it inspired all women to be like you. Congratulations! You are a path breaker!

  6. You are an inspiration. Proud of you.

  7. Good job sandy . Keep up the good work

  8. My dear sister, I am extremely proud of this and your other great accomplishments at such a young age. I wish you a continued journey of success and prosperity.

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