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Sarah Al Ayed talks about submitted projects for Jeddah Entrepreneurship Competition


HE Ms. Sarah Al Ayed president of Jeddah Entrepreneurship Competition explained that the main objective of the contest is to highlight the small enterprise and market development and improve ideas and create opportunities for the development of the labor market and provide an opportunity to all who wish to compete from all regions of the Kingdom.

Arab Women Mag representative in Jeddah Mrs. Maha Saleh met with Ms.Sarah in a workshop held on Sunday 10th of January at Qotuf Company; one of the sponsors of the event and conducted with Her the following interview,

Ms. Sarah what is your first impression on the first contestant’s projects?

They are more than wonderful! We are in front of models of creativity for Saudi girls, whether they are in the process of ideas or in the list of projects.

Of the submitted projects includes, educational projects targeted on online games, which aims to benefit and entertain at the same time. And there are community projects such as the utilization materials from farms and factories to be recycled and used like palm fronds projects and used as firewood and the use of surplus food in fertilizer manufacturing. Another project  focuses on providing healthy meals for schools, and another program to develop electronic communication between society and suffers of a hearing disability, all are meaningful and important projects and highlights the potential of Saudi girls.

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Is there a difference between this year’s competition and the previous year?

This is the second year for the competition; this season is different in that we went to more areas and interacted with contestants in 10 Saudi cities and 15 educational departments, and 10 entrepreneurship centers, making this a more special season from the previous one.

We noticed that every city we visited was characterized by different projects, for example, in Al-Ihsa contestants focused on community work, while in Al-Qassim more projects focused on manufacturing and production, in Riyadh the focus was on the development of education and health projects…and so forth

What distinguishes this season as well is the enthusiasm that I see in the contestants; I am really happy and proud of them.

There was a contestant at the age of 16 years, will she be allowed to participate although her age did not exceed the age of 18 that is set by the competition?

There will be no exceptions at all contestants must be above the age of 18, but this girl’s enthusiasm was great by all standards, we accepted her presence and were impressed by her determination and we hope to find sponsors for her project.

What is the next step for the competitors?

We give the opportunity to 30 contestants to submit their ideas on stage on the 26th & 26th of January, we will be giving them the opportunity to meet with the investor, (Aqal group, for example, a partner in the competition, they adopt and support various projects for young people). The jury will select three projects from all categories; they will receive support of 100,000 Riyals for each category, and 25 thousand Riyals for most distinguished projects.

This competition is a national project we hope to develop it each year, as through it we give a chance for young women to become an integral part of the business community.

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