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The secret behind the progress of societies or underdevelopment

Language is considered the greatest means of communication between people carrying intrinsic value through the ideas and concepts put forward by spoken words whether it’s direct or through blogging to save these values between the rudders of books, as is the vessel filled with diverse culture to reflect back on.

Reading books is considered the greatest sources for science and knowledge, where vigilant nations are keen to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge by encouraging reading and working on spreading it among all segments of society.

As previously noted that books are not confined to a particular class, there are many different genres that can be read by different segments in society depending on the subject itself and the target age as well. A book is a great friend that serves any interest or need. There is no doubt that reading links the community’s heritage to its nation building its cultural foundation, and this heritage would not have been passed from generation to the next without reading. Despite the importance of this matter, many of us lose sight of the importance of reading in childhood, believing that school textbooks are sufficient. Reading in childhood at an early stage expands perceptions towards different interests and aspirations that benefit the child in terms of forming his personality in a stable way and this in turn will reap the benefit to society in the long run.

Since we are talking about children the best way to convey concepts and values is through reading stories, as stories are favored by children. As we noted in our previous report, novels are the most popular genre preferred by readers.

However it is very regretful that there are some people still unaware of the wide range of children’s literature, the prevailing notion in Arab societies is that books are held and read by adults only, and this is incompatible with the existence of children’s literature that is written by educators, book specialists, and parental experts that compose stories especially for children with specific objectives, such as the acquisition of knowledge and life skills and adopting good behavior. Children’s literature is a special field that contributes in transferring part of the culture to children through stories and drawings, it is therefore imperative for children’s literature to be in line with their mental and psychological capacity as well as their social growth and this is derived by the child knowing himself, and knowing the environment in which he lives, and the ability to predict what his future might be as well as his goals and ambitions, all this is attained through knowledge of culture and the study of nature and the human sciences.

Out of the importance of this matter and to support the proverb “education at a young age is like carving in stone” we advocate to parents the need to pay attention to this issue and to take it seriously and be role models and initiate reading in front of your children, then gradually read books with them that are age-appropriate and take them to the library to choose books for themselves as this will have great impact, as I said in the beginning of the article will reap the benefit in the long run.

Poll Results:

استفتاء 3

In your opinion why children do not read?

73% Parents not minding the importance of the matter

8% bad quality of books

9% Lack of availability of transportation

10% Personal prefrence



Original Arabic article written by Eshraq Al Rawqi
Translation by Mira Khatib


For Arabic

السر وراء تقدم المجتمعات وتخلفها

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