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The Secret Behind High Divorce Rates

The family is considered the foundation to building a society, and the progress of society depends on the success of this building block and engagement in the community. Of course, nothing succeeds unless you have the appropriate circumstances and conditions available.

Through the ages marriage has been the first phase of the construction of the family system, but recently studies show that divorce cases in the Arab world are on a continuous rise until the courts began to warn that if the situation continues at this rate divorce documents in courts will outnumber marriage certificates, this is a call for concern and bewilderment and wonder.

Why is it that the Arab woman is no longer afraid of divorce, which once was a case of frightening obsession? What are the things that play a role in the wide spread of divorce that it is almost out of control and out of the norm?

In our weekly poll launched through our social media networks; came our fourth topic asking our Twitter and Facebook followers the following question:

In your opinion why are divorce rate at an increase?

  • Rushing into marriage
  • Financial independence of women
  • High expectation
  • Financial problems

Social research have shown that one reason for the high divorce rates is due to  poor choice for a suitable husband in the first place, an urgency to rush and enter the world of marriage, and the lack of awareness of the essence of family and its importance and its role in society and its impact on the success of both the father and mother and children in the future.

On the other hand; financial independence of a woman is one of the first and foremost reasons for her to be self-sufficient especially if the husband was not at a fair level of responsibility to be a good father who takes care of the family and appreciates his wife. The psychological and social independence of women is also linked to a large extent to her financial independence to enable her to be self-sufficient, productive, active, and not just a subsidiary for anyone.

As for the terms of raising the bar for higher expectations, this is common, especially among young women who marry at an early age, with regret some of them believe that marriage is their savior from responsibilities in her parents’ house and their authority on them – in some cases – and the low standard of living, others believe that marriage is travel and fun, but in reality it is not that rosy of a picture, marriage has its responsibilities, rights and duties for both spouses that are not substituted on one if the other was more abiding.

Finally financial problems, stating here a famous English proverb says: (If poverty walks in the door love flees out of the window). Financial problems is one of the important reasons for the spread of divorce especially with the current situation in our Arab world, life demands are always on the rise, according to psychological and social research which shows that difficult conditions of countries after wars lead to financial difficulties for citizens and therefore this affects the emotional status of the husband and wife.


Translated from original Arabic article written by Eshraq Al Rawqi,

السر وراء ارتفاع معدلات الطلاق






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