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Secret to inner peace and success

By Mira Khatib


We all look for inner peace. We all strive to succeed. So what is the secret? Is it more money; more friends, more travel, more sleeping, more work, more what? The answer lies in a very simple action that we all need to conform to and remind ourselves with.

“Question yourself before you get questioned”. That is correct. When you question your actions or lack of it, you will certainly know if you did well or not. You will certainly find ways to improve and get better. And more importantly you leave no room for others to hammer you or undermine your effort.

So to all the Teenagers; when you question your actions, or you question who you are hanging with, or you question your behavior; I am certain you will know what is right and what is not. And even if you chose to do the things that will not meet the approval of your parents or teachers! Least said you will still have inner peace though the wrong version of peace and you may not be successful at the end.

And to all the Parents; when you question what you do or say to your children and then you realize there is an element of hypocrisy; then I am certain your actions and your words will be different and will carry a lot more meaning and your children will believe in you and will listen to you more.

And to all at the Workforce; there is 8 working hours in a day. Question how you spend your time. How many hours being productive and how many pretending to be productive. I assure the majority that being mostly productive will give an amazing sense of personal satisfaction that will positively reflect on one’s behavior and sense of achievement.

And to all  leaders; If you truly questions yourself and base  decisions, actions and words on the universal law of human values, and the rule of law, and on the need to serve; the world will simply be amazing.

With peace of mind comes success. We are not angles and we do make mistakes. The brave is the one who admits his/her mistake or shortcoming and work on fixing it.


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