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Your Self-Esteem on a Scale from 1 to 10


Ty Howard says “Self-esteem is self-appreciation and confidence applied directly to the heart and mind.

Knowing that self-esteem is a great key factor that shapes your personality, how much would you rate your self-esteem on a scale from 1 to 10?

Check what the answers of the community of American University of Beirut were in the video below!


Courtesy of our collaborators Challange 2 Change C2C_Logo

 Challenge to Change, is an initiative aimed at raising awareness about mental health for women from the Middle East. It is a  platform for dialogue and support, enabling women to share their experiences, strengths and hope while being supported by mental health professionals. Through raising awareness and taking on the stigma, Challenge to Change has created safe communication channels and support groups with the objective of providing effective and lasting solutions.

Challenge to Change is THE voice for mental wellness for women from the Middle East.”





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