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Self-Help: Gratitude and Generosity – The Two ‘Gs’ Of Life



‘Gratitude and Generosity’, what I call the two Gs of life, are two great values that everyone should possess. Gratitude is an emotion. Most people experience gratitude when they receive some help from others and express it in many ways, from a simple ‘Thank you’ to maybe, a gift of acknowledgment. Whatever it is, show your gratitude. Express it and make it show that you mean it. This takes you a long way. NEVER forget to say ‘Thank you’.

Generosity, in my opinion is the concept of ‘unconditional giving’ – giving from the heart, with absolutely no expectations of anything in return. It is so easy to give. You don’t need to have anything to give. This is something people find hard to believe. You don’t need to have any worldly possessions to give love. Likewise, a warm smile or an act of courtesy like giving up your seat for an older person does not require that you have something. You just need to have a heart, a big one for that matter. The bigger the heart, the more you give and guess what? The more you get in return. When you give unconditionally, you get unconditionally too. That’s the beauty and reality of it! So, start giving today. Do not wait for somebody to give you something to reciprocate.

Start practicing now. Deploy the two Gs in everything you do. Start at home. Give each family member a warm hug or at least wish them ‘Good morning’ with a smile. This is being generous with your greeting. Thank your spouse or children for every little thing they do for you. This is your expression of gratitude. Start the two Gs at home and you will find that they follow you wherever you go. The important thing is to make the effort.

Few tips from experience that have helped me:

  • Keep in mind that both the ‘Gs’ need to come from within. From the heart.
  • Never miss out on saying ‘Thank you’. It is a magic word.
  • The two Gs help you improve relationships. At work, at home and everywhere. So, put a conscious effort to include them in your life
  • The 2 Gs go hand in hand. From experience, I find that generous people express gratitude and vice versa.

Remember the two Gs. They are a great step towards self-help. They help you in your job and in your personal life. – Your Self-Help and Personal Development Resource. Don’t forget to download the FREE ‘Self-help handbook’
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