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She Said, He Said


She Said; He Said;

On Love: 

  • She Said MK: Is when they’re always there in spite of your flaws.
  • She Said MH: Has many faces, can build one up or destroys them.
  • He Said CAS: Love is a decision and a commitment.
  • He Said KKH: Unreal before marriage; beautiful during marriage.

On friendship between the opposite sexes: 

  • She Said MK: Normal in the west. 90% of friendships in the middle east come with the intention of developing a relationship.
  • She Said MH: Unrealistic in the Arab world.
  • He Said CAS: Possible if both are clear on the terms of the friendship.
  • He Said KKH: It is normal so long it does not involve my wife, daughters or sisters.

On Money: 

  • She Said MK: Could bring happiness when used into charity.
  • She Said MH: Should be used for greater good.
  • He Said CAS: A mean not an end.
  • He Said KKH: A blessing for the most part and a curse if misused.

On Careers: 

  • She Said MK: Could lead to self actualization only when accompanied by passion.
  • She Said MH: Is only a part of ones life and shouldn’t be the only priority.
  • He Said CAS: Man’s accomplishment and strive for excellence.
  • He Said KKH: Good to have so long you love what you do otherwise a daily struggle

On Family: 

  • She Said MK: Your backbone.
  • She Said MH: Blood never turns to water, and don’t know it’s value unless you lose it.
  • He Said CAS: Kernel of the society.
  • He Said KKH: Best thing in life where unconditional love and support can happen.

On raising Children: 

  • She Said MK:  Leads to an improved future you.
  • She Said MH: A heavy weighted responsibility that can make the world of difference.
  • He Said CAS: Future .
  • He Said KKH: Joy in everyday living and hope of a better future.

On Friends: 

  • She Said MK: Joy can’t be found without sharing it with friends.
  • She Said MH: When true they make everything better.
  • He Said CAS: One of Life’s pillars.
  • He Said KKH: They come and go except the real few.

On Religion: 

  • She Said MK: The guidebook to a fulfilled life.
  • She Said MH: A very personal connection that should not be judged by others.
  • He Said CAS: Path to God.
  • He Said KKH: Happiness in life and the hereafter.

 On Sports: 

  • She Said MK: Develops discipline and purpose.
  • She Said MH: Challenges that teach you great lessons.
  • He Said CAS: Critical for maintaining one’s wellbeing and happiness.
  • He Said KKH: Maybe to kick back and relax; as a spectator.

On Travel: 

  • She Said MK: A door that leads to seeing outside the box.
  • She Said MH: Opens the mind, heart and soul.
  • He Said CAS: A way to build youth and character.
  • He Said KKH: Expanding one’s horizon and appreciation to diversity.

On Politics: 

  • She Said MK: One conspiracy after the other.
  • She Said MH: There is a lot more than meets the eye.
  • He Said CAS;:Necessary evil.
  • He Said KKH: Legally approved deception.

On Mothers in Law: 

  • She Said MK: Always try to make her feel like she’s still a priority, or else.
  •  She Said MH: Treat her the same way you want your daughter-in-law to treat you.
  • He Said CAS: Thank God I do not have one (just yet).
  • He Said KKH: Her kindness is reciprocated at the same level to yours.

On Communicating: 

  • She Said MK: There’s an art to communication.. One needs to be an open book to avoid misconceptions.
  • She Said MH: If used properly you can accomplish anything.
  • He Said CAS: Connecting with people.
  • He Said KKH: Not a feature men are born with.

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