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She Thought She Could Make a Difference

By Maha Noor Elahi


Once upon a time,
A girl at her prime
Willingly stepped into a lion’s den
Enchanted by the world of men!

She wandered there ….unaware
Of heartbreaks lying everywhere!
Believing she could be the guiding light
For a man who needs her loving insight.

She smoothly slipped there ….unaware
Of voices echoing an advice everywhere:
“In a man’s shell
Don’t try to dwell”!

Unable to resist the slippery temptation,
She delved for love and appreciation.
Gladly she found her dream in the dim
Foolishly thinking she is the same to him!

But he wasn’t a love seeker,
Nor was he a romantic speaker.
He was merely a man, whose life could go on,
Without the love of a coddled infatuated swan.

She wilted there …this time aware
Of the voices that echoed everywhere:
“In a man’s hell,
Who dares to dwell?”



Photo credit: DeeAshley / Foter / CC BY-NC


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