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Simple Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

By Jelie Osorio


Mama, mom, mother, mommy, whichever you call them she is the most important woman in your life. She is the one who gave birth to you, advices you if you need it and gives you unconditional love. She can be your best friend but sometimes she can also be your enemy just to give you a lesson. These are the roles of a mother. She will do anything for her family just to make them happy.

Mother’s Day is celebrated during the second Sunday of May in US but other countries celebrate this special occasion for mothers in different.In the Middle East it is celebrated on the 21st of March. This day was invented by Anna Jarvis on May 12, 1908 in honor of the mothers worldwide. After the US adopted it in 1914, other countries followed the suit.

Celebrating Mother’s Day does not need to be expensive. In fact, your mother will appreciate some simple things that you can do for her. These simple things are not only cheap but also it will make your mommy happy,

Here are the ways to celebrate Mother’s Day:

  1. Treat her like a queen. Let her pamper herself. Look for a spa treatment that could cost you less. This can fantastic to bond with your mother and it can be a surprise gift for her as well. This is her special day so give her time to have a break.
  2. Make a scrap book for her. There is no better gift for your mother than making a scrap book for her. Collect pictures from special holidays and occasions that you celebrated with her and write down why is it important to you. Your mom will surely appreciate the effort you give to this personalized scrap book. Moreover, it could even make you a little closer with your mother. Be sure that you have a camera ready on Mother’s Day to add it on the scrap book. You can also write a letter and tell her how much you love her if you can’t say it in person.
  3. Prepare her a meal. Cook her favorite dish or the recipe that she taught you with your father and siblings. This is much cheaper rather than going out and eat at the restaurants. Furthermore, you can also enjoy the bond with your family while cooking the special meal for her.
  4. Go on a picnic. Take her outside and go to your favorite destination with your mother. Prepare some food that you can bring on a picnic. You can also ask for your father and siblings’ help to prepare the dishes.
  5. Plan a movie night. Let your mother choose her favorite film and watch it with her. Make some popcorn and get a blanket and get cozy in front of the TV. You can also watch homemade DVD’s to add some personal touch.

Mother’s Day is only celebrated once in a year. So be sure to make it more special to her and show her how thankful you are to be her child before it’s too late.



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