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Spicing Up Your Marriage

By Mira Khatib


Finally you have tied the knot and are looking forward to your happy ever after. What you didn’t expect is to spend your days talking about bills, kids, chores and errands…somewhere between the chaos of daily life the romance gets lost. Here are 7 tips to keep your marriage spiced up.

  1. Work at it

Who says that romance and happiness are easy to come by? If you want something you have work to make it happen. Like anything keeping your romance alive takes effort and planning. Don’t fall prey to taking a back seat to your marriage, always be proactive and take initiative and don’t wait for your spouse to make the first move.

  1. Plan a date

Find the time for just the two of you; go to a romantic restaurant, the movies, or for a walk hand in hand. Plan ahead arrange baby sitters, work schedules and put effort into the evening, your partner is sure to appreciate it.

  1. Getaway

It’s refreshing when you can leave everything behind even if just for a weekend, or even a night, book a hotel or a spa retreat, indulge in one another’s company and forget the stress’ of daily life behind you.

  1. Attention to detail

Keeping the romance alive doesn’t always need to be expensive. Sometimes the little things go a long way. A rose on her pillow before bedtime, a good morning, I love you note in his brief case, cooking his favorite meal, or getting her favorite chocolate. Even whispering sweet nothings can make a world of difference to keeping your partner feeling appreciated and loved.

  1. Try new things

If life has turned into somewhat of a routine, consider taking up a new activity together, maybe a dance class, or a yoga class something new that puts you in new circumstances and with new people this can make you discover new things about your partner.

  1. Have your space

Sometimes when you spend too much time with someone you feel like you had enough and just need your own space. Allow yourself sometime apart, giving each other time and freedom to go out with friends, or even take a trip alone, may give you a chance to miss each other again, and this in turn will help reignite the passion.

  1. Speak up

If you tried to spice up your love life and nothing seems to change, then the wise thing to do is communicate. Talk to your partner openly about your feelings and frustrations. Voicing your need for romance and passion can help your partner be aware of what is going on in your mind. Together you may reach a creative way to keep the fire alive.



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