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Spilling Family Secrets – His Point of View

:abdul latif  By Abdul Latif Al Hourani



What happens behind closed doors should remain behind closed doors. In my opinion one major divorce trigger is disclosing the events and personal family matters to friends and relatives. This is a big disaster that is causing many conflicts among couples; where one of the partners would tell his parents or mom or even close friends’ details of things that happens with their spouse, and surely enough the friend or relative would contribute in analyzing the situation and recommending a course of action.

It is like one partner is married to several people at once and all are trying to have their fair share in the decision process and how the situation should be handled. Marriage is such a sacred union and when a couple goes through struggles or even regular events this should not be the concern of others, as each situation is as unique as the individuals themselves, only they could and should work it out and find a solution.

Family matters and decisions should be taken by the couple, and only the couple. When all else fails then it is not wrong to consult older family members such as the parents or really close friends for unbiased advice. But it is essential to put a limit to the interference of external parties and never disclose personal and sensitive matters to anyone, for once it is said it cannot be taken back or forgotten. Unfortunately sometimes delicate information in the wrong hands can be understood and used in the wrong way coming back to haunt the couple whom are trying to keep their relationship afloat.


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