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Split Second … the value of a life

By Sarah Al Ayed


A split second and life is gone.  Yesterday a young boy was crossing the street when a car ran him over … as he lay on the ground people gathered – cars screeched to a halt … but you look at the faces and you see them shaking their heads … too late .. he’s gone.  Men gather to shield his body it’s a busy street a lot of cars a lot of traffic … and a little boy is on the ground alive 1 minute gone the next.  As our car crept by you cant miss not seeing a body curled up like a baby on the ground … in his white “thobe” his slippers gone from his feet … he looks sleeping but he’s not … bodies shield him from the passing traffic cars are slow to move away and more and more people come to see what’s happening.

A little boy left home to never return again.  His parents didn’t expect to see him leave and not return.  Didn’t expect to not hear his voice … see his smile … take him to school … watch him grow.  They didn’t expect someone to be so callous and just run him over.

Why do people drive like crazy? Why do people drive while on their mobiles not paying attention to what’s in front of them? Why do people drive like they own the road with no regard whatsoever to anyone else on the street? Why do people cross red lights, drive opposite direction, drive on the pavement, go over the street island, park in the middle of the street causing chaos?  Why why why … so that we endanger lives and just like that within seconds someone is alive then they’re gone.

Do you know who this young boy was? He was an innocent child that has rights like each and everyone of us to live a blessed life … but someone callously took that away … someone thought they could flex their power behind the wheel and drive like they own the street. How dare you … how dare anyone treat a human life with such disdain and disregard.  Allah created us – Allah created each and everyone of us precious with a soul and a mission … this young boys mission in life was cut short.

A child was taken away from his family last night … a child one second carefree and the next second he was on the ground … how did he feel – did he see what happened was he in pain. Did he see his life flashing did he cry for his mommy and daddy … what happened to him in that split second … if we can try and see it from his eyes we would never condone the atrocity of the way people drive and act on the streets.

It hurts my heart to think of him – it pains me as I relive again and again the image.  I wanted to jump out of the car and gather that poor child in my arms and just hold him protect him … cover him maybe his body began to feel cold maybe at that instant he cried for his mommy wanting her to hold him and not let him go … a child helpless broken on the ground … a child who in a split second was taken away … all for a speeding car.  What’s more important your car or someones life …


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