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Stepping Stones to Success

My Arab Woman Platform Journey of Success

By Mira Khatib


I had a dream to make something out of my life, ever since I was a young girl and dreamt of becoming an artist on the streets of Italy. But with life’s many turns and unpredictable circumstances I ended up venturing into journalism and found my passion in writing. I learned fast the power of words and how they can impact and change lives. So I wrote, and wrote and wrote. As a freelancer I wrote, as an editor I wrote, and as a woman I wrote. I wrote to let my voice be heard, and I wrote in hopes of making a difference, maybe with advice through an article, or a heartfelt story, or even a poem. I wrote sometimes to escape to another world of make-believe, even had the courage to publish a first novel. But I always was thirsty for more, more impact, more success, more reach in hopes to make a difference.

Fate works in mysterious ways, how it sometimes leads us to meeting certain people at certain times in our lives that end up changing us forever. I remember as if it was yesterday, on a clear summer’s day when I met Amal Al Harithi, she seemed like a decent and nice woman, that I can befriend, and after several encounters I found out that she too is passionate about writing. I jumped at the opportunity and told her let’s unite our talents as writers and work together to help others. She eagerly agreed and Arab Woman Platform was born.

With a lot of care, dedication, love, passion, hard work, we built our dream together. The Platform became like our baby and we slowly nurtured it to see it grow, and grow it did. Starting from scratch was surly challenging but we never faltered or lost heart or focus to reach our end goal. Many obstacles came our way, some even devastating, yet we persevered. There were those who discouraged us, even maybe hoped that we would fail, but we never allowed negative energy to overtake our momentum. And then there were those who cheered us on, and saw value in our work. We gained followers and a huge fan base, loyal readers and writers that motivated us to reach even higher.

Our work in the Platform didn’t just empower women around, but it started with us first, we changed as women for the better, our families changed with us, and many of our friends got influenced and became more proactive as well. We felt that we were on the verge of something big the impact was happening and reaching many women and even men from all over the world.

We couldn’t be more thankful or humbled, yet very proud of what we were able to achieve, yet our work taught us to aspire for more and never stop growing and evolving. So I took it upon myself to study Life Coaching to help improve my writing to better benefit our readers; and the more I learned the more I fell in love with this field and decided to practice it as well, alongside my work in the Platform, I even set down the foundation for my second book something that I only dreamt of doing, and now it is slowly turning to reality.

My wonderful partner Amal, decided to take the plunge and is working on publishing her first book as well as continuing her mission to empower women around the world through her captivating and heartfelt articles.

When we started this journey we never knew where it would take us or how it would end…but we had faith that when you put your heart and soul into something you will never lose. Even though we both have ventured into other areas of work, the Platform will forever remain the foundation that we took off from to evolve to something bigger and better.

I want to personally thank all those who believed in me, all those that supported, encouraged, and took a leap of faith on our project and made it the success it is today. Even though the dynamics of our work might have shifted to new prospects and outlooks yet Arab Woman Platform will forever remain the voice for those who want to be heard, a success story for those who need that push to make their own dreams come true.

Arab Woman Platform will remain a stepping stone towards empowerment.

Amal Al Harithi - Mira Khatib Co-Founders of Arab Woman Platform
Amal Al Harithi – Mira Khatib
Co-Founders of Arab Woman Platform



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