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Story of an Ailing yet Caring Mother

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad


Who can defy the true worth of mothers? Nah, so much has been written on the goodness and greatness of mothers that I would only say that ‘mothers are the blessed elements of Nature’.

We all recognize, remember and rank great men in history, but either we remain unaware or find no clues about those women who had been fateful mothers of those great people. If at all there’s anything written about them, then it’s only scanty.

Aha, there’s beauty in mothers…their unconditional love, comforting affection, constant concern, selfless guidance, shimmering inspiration and silent encouragement.

But, oftentimes, we come across saddening stories of shrewd sons who, in high incivility, show partial and untruly behavior. Lo! That duty is frail and weak which neglects the honorable purity of mothers.

Let me narrate a true happening. An old mother, after her husband’s death, gets monthly pension, and that’s her only income. Oh, she’s mother to seven sons, who are all well-off, employed and settled with their families.

In the dusk of her growing age, she stays at the house of one of her sons, who’s earning wealth with a shipping career. Whenever her heart inclines, she keeps visiting their sons’ and daughters’ places to share her love and blessings on the grandchildren.

Recently, she noticed a minor ailment, probably allergic rashes on her skin. She wanted to see a doctor, but unfortunately, she’s penniless. Due to hectic rush at the banks, she can’t manage herself to go to the bank and withdraw money. Who cares?

Even her son’s wife is aware of her ailment, but instead of providing help, she has turned the situation into an acerbic scene. She can give money from her wallet and order her son to take the old grandmother to a doctor. But, she mocks and says, “Look, none is coming forward to take the mother to the bank to withdraw money!”

Ay, how this old mother becomes wounded prey of her own progeny! All the sons, except the youngest son, are heedless as if too busy in the making of their own little worlds by following precepts from their wives. Ugh…all hen-pecked husbands who are, at service to their wives, but dare not call their old mother to make a query about her health.

Nevertheless, in her illness she forgets her own helplessness and asks her youngest son, over the phone, “Did you meet your elder brother? How’s he doing?” She knows that her other son is good, healthy and happy. She has no complaints at all. But, all out of love and care, her heart pulsates to ask about her son, who hasn’t spoken since a month or more.

Alas! How such a dear mother is deserted, in lowly sight from her son, who gives no proper dignity.

Indeed, he, like a nonsensical creature on earth, makes his ego, a rebel unto his beauteous mother.

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