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Study Smart


The key to effective studying isn’t cramming or studying longer, but studying smarter.

You can begin studying smarter with these ten proven and effective study habits.

1. Do some active sports for 20-30 minutes a day. This will improve your circulation and hence your brain functions

2. Eat healthy food, avoid junk food, drink loads of water or diluted fruit juices
take Omega-3 and vitamin B rich foods, sit in the sun to make vitamin D, which is vital for your cognitive functions

3. Tidy up your room, get rid of everything that can distract you. Mobile off. TV off. Have a plant to provide you with oxygen, but put it out of the room at night because it produces CO2 then.
Take a shower and brush your teeth, wear comfy clothes.

4. Figure out whether your memory is visual or auditory. If you are visual, make flash cards, if auditory, record your voice while reading the subjects and listen to yourself while doing other activities. You can also apply both approaches.

5. If you’re addicted to FaceBook, find others in a group that discusses your study sub-jects. Have an online discusstion.

6. Use mnemonics

7. If you’re addicted to sites like porn sites, you can block them with special applications

8. Google! Google the boring subject. There’s probably an interesting article or video about it that will make it easier to understand and recall.

9. Learn to read with a purpose. Ask yourself: Am I looking for the keywords? Do I want to memorize the whole text? Make a summary? Flow chart? Make an intention before you read.

10. If you can’t concentrate while being alone, try sitting in the library. Also, try listening to your favorite music, but only listen to music, without singing, or it will distract you. Classical music is the best.

Remember: One hour a day from the start of the year can save you a lot of panicking at the end of it.
Cramming doesn’t work.
Not having enough sleep is the worst thing you can do before the exam.

Best of luck!

Dr. Alyaa Gad taught at the university of Amsterdam and aims to spread health awareness in the Arab world by providing health information in a simple and appealing manner.



For this video in Arabic click here:
:للعربي اضغط هناالمذاكرة-الذكية/



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