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Surrounded by Negativity?

By Maha Noor Ilahi



It hits you so hard! It rubs on you harshly! It’s that awful negativity of your so-called friends and acquaintances!

You are smiling, happy, and everything is fine…then all of a sudden…bang! You are slapped on the face with a negative comment, a pessimistic attitude, or a destructive observation….and sometimes it’s an off-putting advice that makes you feel that all your decisions are lunatic and juvenile!

What to do if you are faced with such people?

Three simple steps:

Use a strong antivirus program, delete negative sources from your life, and create a new account!

There’s nothing better to resist negativity than being prepared and well-equipped with the right anti-virus program. Put in mind that with every step you make, there is a possibility of meeting negative people; don’t let their negative energy take you off-guard! Your system should include megabytes of confidence and strength that take the negative energy, filter it, analyze its causes, and limits its effects. Prepare your reasoning and defenses…and don’t forget a big serene smile; nothing kills negative people like seeing an assured smile on the face of their target!

Once you’ve put your hands on the causes and the effects of the negative attacks, you can easily refute them and then surely delete them once and for all. How? Well I guess deleting a person from your life is not that difficult, but if you can’t, all you have to do is delete him/her from your psyche. Our minds are our own property, and no one can control what we keep in them except us. If you let some negative person settle in your mind, don’t blame anyone but yourself. Keeping a file for that person in your intellectual data base is like facilitating the path for negativity to get into you.

After cleaning your system from all negative people, create a new account with poised emotional and mental info about you. This time don’t accept anyone who has negative energy among your list. All who are in your list should empower you, encourage you, enlighten you, or just accept you the way you are.

Negative people’s best place is at a psychiatrist’s clinic, not in your life.

These steps are not easy to apply, but they work…and they are worth the effort!


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