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Survival of the Fittest – Why Women are Better Leaders than Men

Why Women Are Better Leaders than MenGroup of business people

Yes, it is battle of the sexes; many women are not just behind their men any more but working side by side or at times even exceeding them. In a study conducted by Zeneger Folkman analyzing leadership attributes found that women rated higher than men in most performance evaluations.

And what makes women better leaders? Here are a few traits that play in favor of the successful woman.

  1. A Better Communicator

Most women don’t fall short for words, they know what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Not only that they are the best listeners, an essential ingredient when dealing with colleagues and customers.

  1. Attention To Detail

Many women notice the small stuff and take note of it, being very detail oriented plays an important part when building a bigger picture.

  1. Patience is virtue

You heard the saying count to a hundred before acting or reacting. For many women this is sort of a built in characteristic. Many women are more tolerant and take time to make decisions when dealing with others, unlike some men whom are too quick to judge and take action.

  1. Motivational Builders

Various women leaders are passionate about what they do and in turn motivate others around. This builds loyalty and good work ethics which is reflected in the work environment.

  1. High Code of Ethics

Sure many men have high ethical standards, but the tests show that when pushed to the limit most men bent the rules where as women held firm to their morals and standards.

  1. Work Twice as Hard

Unfortunately it is still a man’s world, and for women to succeed they have to work twice as hard to earn high ranks and be accredited, thus their efforts usually outdo their male counterparts.



Photo credit: SalFalko / Fote
Photo credit: CL-Photography / Fote

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