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Switching Off

By Khaled H.

Do you know how to switch off? If you do, then please let me in on your secret.

We live in a fast moving world; nothing is the same anymore.  Travel back in memory lane and try to remember your childhood; is your life back then the same as that of your kids?  In fact you do not need to go back this many years to compare the two different life styles; how about a year or two ago? I am almost certain the pressures and challenges are vastly different.  This rapidly changing world we live in is stealing many precious moments from our lives and adding to the many anxieties we experience in our everyday lives.  I am not a doctor nor a psychiatrist and this piece is not about giving a 10 step plan to “fix” our ever increasing hectic days.

All I hope the reader of this short piece is to pause, contemplate and enjoy the many moments we have with our loved ones and the things that matter.  When was the last time you took your teenage son/daughter to a ball game; or donated 1 day to charity; or introduced yourself to your neighbor; or did something that is totally different from your everyday lifestyle?  When was the last time you paused and reflected on what is important to you and to your family and your community?  When was the last time you gave back without expecting something in return?

The life we live in is demanding; expectations are constantly increasing; social diversions are deepening; politics, security, poverty, and the list goes on.  Now we need to remind ourselves of what matters the most.  Ask a dying man or an old person what they would have changed in their lives and the answer will most certainly be to slow down, enjoy the many blessings we have.

Isn’t it time to switch off and enjoy the things you have rather than agonize over the things you don’t have? Isn’t time to switch off and look around and count your blessings?

Life is too short to wish-it away.




Photo credit: Marcin Wichary / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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