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Keeping your Relationship Alive

  By Abdul Latif Hourani   The relationship between couples could turn boring and the cause could be from both parties. There are many reasons that could take a relationship through a dry patch from routine, to laziness, not showing interest or support in your partner’s interests, being too busy with kids, responsibilities, are all aspects that come in play …

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Timing is Everything

By Abdul Latif Hourani   Timing is something many people cannot understand; selecting the right time and the right way to discuss, request, or break news is essentially important. A husband shouldn’t go to his wife when she is dead exhausted in the evening, running behind the kids and dealing with many household requirements and chores and demand a heavy …

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The Unsatisfied Spouse

By Abdul Latif Hourani   This month’s topic I want to shed light on infidelity. Unfortunately there is a noticeable decrease in commitment towards religion, faith and morals. With social media added to the mix it is no surprise in the rise of marital affairs for both husbands and wives.  Sadly yet true many married women seek pleasure outside their …

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