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Feminine    Beauty

By Waheeda Sultana Syeda   By her charming manners,  her  poise By  the  magical  eyes  of  my  beautiful  doll By her graceful figure, so slim, so tall By the fountain of life that is in her lips By her narrow waist and her swinging hips By her lovely face that looks like a rose By her glowing cheeks and her …

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Influence of Music


By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   O, there’s a powerful charm in music that throbs the heart in its wilderness. And, by each tune rhythmic or passionate there’s dance of bodies—all lisping and jerking. Wondrous be! If wisdom can design its lyric to move the brains for a dynamic role or incite hearts by odes of true inspiration and impress souls …

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Define Beautiful 

By Cassidy Rich   What does it mean to be beautiful? Honestly, what is the definition of beautiful? I know I could look up the definition in various dictionaries, but that never satisfies me. Media tells us that beauty equals a model’s status and it also sends us the opposite message that we’re beautiful just the way we are. Which …

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Can’t Stop Time

By Mira Khatib   Old age they say comes naturally, One should grow ever so gracefully But, As wrinkles are lined And bones not so kind Aches here and there Trying not to despair Covering of greys And plucking of strays Moisturizing and hoping Skin will stop moping Trying to reverse time Or conquer a body that was mine Yet …

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Outliving Time

By Mira Khatib In this day and age women and men seem to be on a quest for remaining healthy and trying to stay forever young, or more realistically speaking, to stay looking youthful for as long as possible. The media and the world of glamour from models to movie stars are all raising the bar of perfection to what …

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