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A Leader or a Follower?

By Kieran Revell    Every individual holds within, an incredibly powerful recipe for leadership. With passion, focus, determination and a belief in the power of the self, the awesome giant will be freed. How great would it be if the world was brimming with positive and powerful leaders! What if many of the leaders actually took notice of the people, …

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Be Bold or Stay Behind Like Silent Spectators

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Every flourishing company takes pride of its senior workers…some who’ve remained loyal since their early start to passing times, some who, like historians, vividly remember company’s beginning, ups and downs and pathways to prosperity and some who have wielded their energies to chisel the corporate culture with their liveliness and enthusiasm. But, of all, you’ll …

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Mothers job hunt: part 2


By Suha Abdulqader   A year after voicing out my employment covering letter via this platform, I received a call for an interview the next day. I wish I could’ve told you that it was due to my immaculate letter, but it wasn’t; it was from a previous boss of my mine who still remembered how skilled and efficient I was. So …

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Love Being Tuned

By Anita Caprice   Today’s Thought Massage Reflection: What type of work would I do for free? My Ideal Career is? I Am Divine Faith, because… I love being Tuned. I am very protective of being Tuned. For the last couple of days, I’ve been purging and contemplating and accepting and shedding tears and feeling pain and lighting my incense …

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Never wrestle with pigs

By Hanan Ezzat   “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” ― George Bernard Shaw Indeed George Bernard Shaw was a wise man. We all know and realise that some conflict at work is healthy and sometimes inevitable. It’s part of the fabric of the workplace. Sometimes it’s due to office politics or bad …

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How to Make Change of Career

By James Stotler Career denotes a particular profession or occupation that you would like to pursue for making your earnings. Besides earning, you need to get job satisfaction out of your profession otherwise your life may become dull, monotonous and burdensome. But under certain job environment, you may not get that you need to keep yourself contented and may be …

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