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How should the relationship between a woman and her X- husband be when there are children in between

By Abdul latif Al Hourani   God has allowed for divorce to happen, to conclude a relation between a couple, in case continuing together has become impossible. Regardless of the reasons for divorce, which are many, sadly, many of these cases turn into a hardship and the once loving couple become kind of enemies, it could develop into real feel …

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Are Kids Getting More Addicted to Comical Content?

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Imagine the harmful impact on our kids’ health when they become totally absorbed in watching television and spend hours staring the screens for cartoon programs that keep them excited. Ugh…do kids understand the language spoken in those serials? Perhaps rarely, if they are pretty grownups…otherwise what amuses them are comical characters, stumbling movements, shrieking voices …

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To my children with love  


By Mira Khatib   In a few short years you will spread your wings and become independent. I hope you read this letter and think hard about who you are and more importantly who you want to become. Here are the twelve things I like you to think about, pray over and hopefully remember for the rest of your beautiful life: Faith. Keep …

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The Loads our Children Carry

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   One day, I noticed my neighbour with his little daughter, probably a student of first class, waiting in front of the building for the school bus. She stood there— she visibly slim—but, on the contrary, next to her was her heavy backpack.  “Does she need to carry this load, enough to ache her back and …

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Children, Fitness and You!


  Nutrition and an active lifestyle are key to build healthy bodies, we know! But how do you feed picky eaters and yourself learn to keep your child healthy with the right foods and exercise? Moreover, their attitude towards food and fitness is built in early years that can form a basis of their foundation to adult life. We take …

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Keeping kids mentally and physically healthy this summer


By Dr. Arif Khan, Consultant Pediatric Neurologist and Epileptologist and Head of Children’s Services at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology   It’s that time of the year when teachers bid farewell to their students, hoping that children don’t forget everything that they have learned during the past school year. It’s also that time of the year when parents …

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I Love You…


  When was the last time you hugged your daughter or your son and said “I Love You”? How often do you do this? Have you recently praised your children? Do you encourage them and make them feel special? When was the last time you sat as a family and had a meaningful conversation? Did you kiss your son or …

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