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Kicking Off Obesity

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Perhaps, like any other traits or looks, obesity has become a part of human life. Oftentimes, when people become obese, they, in the least sense, are bothered and embrace obesity without any strict control on food and reckless lifestyle. “I have been trying to reduce my weight since last 10 years,” said one person, who …

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Sleeping with the enemy


By Pamela Ghanem   We sometimes forget that the role of food is to nourish our bodies and not our feelings. Nevertheless, in my case, I think I have amnesia.. In fact, I don’t just eat my feelings.. I also eat my problems, my boredom, my hormonal changes and my depression. Food is an important part of my life.. I …

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7-day meal plan for Ramadan 

  Attributed to: Dr. Anita Das Gupta, Chief Dietitian, Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi Why it is important to choose food wisely during Ramadan? It is very important to choose food wisely during Ramadan, as generally, after a period of long fasting you are tempted to eat foods which are high in calorie, such as sweets and fried items. Moreover, after …

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Forget About Reducing Weight in Ramadan

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   When you have gladly welcomed the month of Ramadan, then willfully forget about dieting, weight control exercises or your worries concerning weight gain. No more checking your weight in pounds or kilograms…no more encircling the tape to measure your waist. It’s plain prescription whose gravity you will soon discover. Prior and after the Ramadan, the …

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New Atkins Diet Made Easy for Ramadan 

New Atkins Lifestyle nutritionist provides a guide to eating well-balanced meals for Iftar and Suhoor With the holy month of Ramadan soon approaching, the diet and routine of those that observe the fast can  be affected. Linda O’Byrne, the New Atkins Lifestyle nutritionist, has provided an easy to follow, effective and sustainable guide on how to continue the globally acclaimed …

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