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The Loads our Children Carry

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   One day, I noticed my neighbour with his little daughter, probably a student of first class, waiting in front of the building for the school bus. She stood there— she visibly slim—but, on the contrary, next to her was her heavy backpack.  “Does she need to carry this load, enough to ache her back and …

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Do you have an opinion?

By Mira Khatib   How many of us go through life without having an opinion or expressing one? Is this because we do not have one or we have been accustomed to not sharing an opinion? Regardless this is how retracted societies are formed! So, why opinions matter? Well this is how innovation starts; this how partnership forms and more …

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3 Reasons to be a TOEFL Instructor

By Bruce Stirling TOEFL instructors are in demand. Why? Because foreign students and professionals are entering the U.S. in record numbers. And they all need a TOEFL score, when applying to schools and for professional licenses. That is good news for EFL instructors. If you are an EFL instructor—and your résumé says you can also teach TOEFL—you will increase your …

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Does Mentoring Matter?

  By  Asma Naim At the beginning of this year 2016 we at Challenge2Change started our pilot Big Sister/Little Sisterprogram; by mentoring young women from Gaza and Beirut. We are now moving ahead with our Mentoring Project and expanding our mentoring to reach larger number of  young women from disadvantaged backgrounds and areas. Reflecting on the progress made in our …

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Visible Learning pioneer John Hattie showcases real success stories to help teachers “Know Thy Impact”

  Teachers are tired of being measured, accounted, and told what is wrong with them. As says John Hattie, “in nearly every school, success is around us; if only we had the courage to reliably identify and esteem it.” In their new book Visible Learning into Action, John Hattie, Deb Masters and Kate Birch take the next step in the …

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