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The Perfect One

By Suha Abdelqader   I am the perfect one! You never had to sleep next to my frustrations, Then wake up to my mood swings You never worried about providing for me, because a “selected” “occasional” gift went a long way; And you never had to keep a brave face, On the contrary, you showed me your weakness willingly   …

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Do you have an opinion?

By Mira Khatib   How many of us go through life without having an opinion or expressing one? Is this because we do not have one or we have been accustomed to not sharing an opinion? Regardless this is how retracted societies are formed! So, why opinions matter? Well this is how innovation starts; this how partnership forms and more …

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By Mira Khatib   Imagine global businesses run by women. Imagine a world run by women. Close your eyes and see this. Wouldn’t this be a wonderful world? The skeptics would say no. They will point out to social challenges; or religious constraints or even philosophize lame reasons just to shoot down the idea of women leadership. Why is it …

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C’est la vie

By Emma   It is strange how life changes and moves fluidly into places you never expected. How often do you recognize friends, now as strangers? People who were once so close, become mere acquaintances. People who were once strangers become so much more. We strive towards our destination and swim with the current, yearning for our imagined shore. Sometimes …

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Smart Women Have Dreams Too!

BY Joy Chudacoff   My son Jack came home from school today with an excited, Yippee Mom, there’s no school next Monday because it’s Martin Luther King Day! A few minutes later he comes running back into the kitchen and asks, Mom, who is Martin Luther King anyway? Wow—what a question. How do I answer that one and still have …

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By Suha Abdelqader     You’re probably nodding your head already, because if you’re not one, you most likely know or suffer from one.  Well, I most definitely am a middle child.  The glove fits I assure you. In fact, today it manifested itself to me in all its glory: the middle child’s need for recognition; you see, I actually dedicated …

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Super Moments!

By Enas Rady Family Counselor & Parent Educator   Have you ever had this moment of saying to yourself: “Aha! That is how to do it? Or “Oh, Why did I not see that before?” You are probably hearing the voice of one of the super moments! Super moments are very special moments of insights that we gain from problems and …

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