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New Year, New You: 5 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Experts from the New Atkins Lifestyle have identified lack of will power, unhealthy eating habits, and procrastination as primary roadblocks to a healthier lifestyle As we approach the New Year, people are busy planning their lifestyle goals for 2017. Every January starts with plenty of optimism, but sometimes, as the year progresses, people lose momentum along the way. According to …

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Top 5 Pilates exercises to help you stay sane before and after long-haul flights

Fitness experts from Real Pilates reveal ways to combat Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) during long-distance travel  Globe trotting off to exciting new countries is top on the list for everyone this summer. However, as any health professional would tell you, an airplane cabin is not a very healthy environment. Long haul flights, sometimes extending for over 12 hours, are a …

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  International SOS and Control Risks have issued their latest advisory to members ahead of Hajj, which is expected to be a busy travel period for many. Approximately 3 million pilgrims will travel to Mecca for the annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage, set to take place from 9 to 14 September. Pilgrims have already been travelling to Saudi Arabia in the …

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Reduced Fertility in the Gulf linked to low Vitamin D and Obesity


By Dr. Monika Chawla   Fertility rates in the Middle East region are becoming increasingly impacted by widespread vitamin D deficiency combined with rising obesity rates, which stem from regional-specific lifestyle factors. There is now an increased requirement to develop educational public health strategies for couples, in order to raise public awareness about the impact of these issues on female …

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Top 5 Exercises for Women 


  A lean, sculpted and well-toned body is every woman’s dream and if you want that sizzling hot bod, you better be bothered about it! We asked leading fitness expert, Charlotte Stebbing (Regional Fitness Manager, for Fitness First Middle East, Abu Dhabi) to pick her most effective and brilliant basics exercises for guaranteed results. And trust us; they look pretty …

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Sudden change from hot to cold temperatures can harm health

Summer in the Gulf is no picnic. It’s harsh, humid and pretty harrowing. The mercury climbs upwards of 45°C, bringing with a great incidence of heat stroke, exhaustion and dehydration. Humans can tolerate internal temperatures above 41°C for only very brief periods of time. The response of the body to this involves increased blood circulation and sweating to keep the …

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