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Arab Woman Platform: Beacon Of Hope For Women Around The World

Written by Jelena Zoric Mira Khatib, a published author, award winning poet and activist for women rights took it a step further in helping others. She co-founded an initiative for women empowerment, called Arab Woman Platform. As it’s Editor-in-Chief she and her team help women globally to live better and achieve their goals. Working on this platform Mira had the …

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Stepping Stones to Success

My Arab Woman Platform Journey of Success By Mira Khatib   I had a dream to make something out of my life, ever since I was a young girl and dreamt of becoming an artist on the streets of Italy. But with life’s many turns and unpredictable circumstances I ended up venturing into journalism and found my passion in writing. …

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Overcoming Grief

  By Mira Khatib Usually our most traumatic experiences of loss are when a loved one dies. We can find ourselves bewildered by unexpected strength and intensity of feelings that overtake us. A sense of loss and pain that is so profound that it tears one apart; making many feel like they have lost some part of themselves. Following loss …

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What’s your story?


By Mira Khatib, Certified Solution Focused Coach   Is your life filled with drama? Do you have many conflicting drives and emotions that overflow to your energy level and weigh you down? Do you self-doubt? Have you been stuck for many years in sadness, pain, and endless “why me” scenarios? Let me ask you this how many more years of …

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On Child Marriages

“The thing that prevents us from doing something wrong is either a fatwa cleric, or State law.” This was one of the comments written after publishing the poll asking, “Who is responsible for the phenomenon of child marriage?” on our platform social media networks. The options were as follows: Family. Community and accepting this act. Laws of the country that …

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To my children with love  


By Mira Khatib   In a few short years you will spread your wings and become independent. I hope you read this letter and think hard about who you are and more importantly who you want to become. Here are the twelve things I like you to think about, pray over and hopefully remember for the rest of your beautiful life: Faith. Keep …

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Our news and their news


By Mira Khatib   Here I am on my annual vacation in Canada. I love to return every year and spend my summer in the beautiful city of Mississauga. Friendly people, lots of greenery, and good Sushi. Frankly, there is no pressure to do anything except relax and relax more. So what does this have to do with news? Well, …

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