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Relationships between Rage and Rancor

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   What an irony where blood relationships get severed, with growing rage and rancor! What prompts people to embrace discord and shun love? Is it devilish temptations, lack of elegant etiquette, or hyperbolic hatred? Of all stages of human life, perhaps, the best phase is childhood…away from worries, devoid of odium and full of innocence and …

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The Misery of Delayed Departures

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Most of the airlines that offer cheapest fare give you a tiring traveling experience due to long transit hours at stopovers. Perhaps, for the sake of saving some money or on emergency travel plans, this can be acceptable. But, some airlines are notoriously known for their poor hospitality, lethargic services and frequent delayed departures and …

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Be Bold or Stay Behind Like Silent Spectators

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Every flourishing company takes pride of its senior workers…some who’ve remained loyal since their early start to passing times, some who, like historians, vividly remember company’s beginning, ups and downs and pathways to prosperity and some who have wielded their energies to chisel the corporate culture with their liveliness and enthusiasm. But, of all, you’ll …

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Kicking Off Obesity

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Perhaps, like any other traits or looks, obesity has become a part of human life. Oftentimes, when people become obese, they, in the least sense, are bothered and embrace obesity without any strict control on food and reckless lifestyle. “I have been trying to reduce my weight since last 10 years,” said one person, who …

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Good, Generous Landlord

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad If something pricks me and gives me an intense trouble, and at this, when you feel the pain, then that’s the sympathy.Isn’t this a fine reciprocal revelation? Nay, even a physicist will fail to figure out on what basis or laws this reaction gets prompted. But, let me tell you, in simpler terms, this is humanity…the …

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Let’s Live Cheery Lives

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad Aha…human life comes in various shapes and semblance. All it matters is how one perceives it. Either you take it according to your fantasies and notions or live broadly with all prudence and wisdom to make your life more beauteous. Verily, one becomes lethargic with more leaning for liberal hours, idleness and simply defying tasks out …

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