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Inner Beauty


 By Reem Ahmed   I visited yesterday the butterfly park in Dubai only seeking a mood shift, where I was surprised by a new profound lesson to learn from those fragile, yet attractive creatures. And just today I heard someone saying: “We can only learn something by teaching it”. In fact she is absolutely correct, because we can only learn …

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What if?

 By Reem Ahmed  I have always had a strong belief that everything in life happens for a reason, a door closes for a reason, a disease that we experience is for a reason, the obstacles we go through are for a reason, the individual acquaintance we meet at an event and keep in touch with happens for a reason, even …

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My Trip in the Tunnel (Episode 3)

  By Reem Ahmed During this scary, yet interesting journey I met great souls, scared souls, tortured souls and corrupted ones. As I came across new people, I learned numerous new lessons, gained additional wisdom, recovered more energy and took new proactive actions in all directions. I passed through people from different religions, cultures and ages and all kept reminding …

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Fly My Heart

  By Reem Ahmed   After publishing my first article and the great feedback I got from readers, I felt a huge sense of freedom! My heart was dancing out of joy, and my soul was flying through the sky, imagining how far I can go and what places I can reach. How many souls I can touch, and how …

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