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Relationships between Rage and Rancor

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   What an irony where blood relationships get severed, with growing rage and rancor! What prompts people to embrace discord and shun love? Is it devilish temptations, lack of elegant etiquette, or hyperbolic hatred? Of all stages of human life, perhaps, the best phase is childhood…away from worries, devoid of odium and full of innocence and …

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The other Face of Love

By Ramzi Al Arabi   In the middle of a mature conversation with some friends, who kept blowing my mind about the unstoppable softness of love, the happiness it brings and the wonderful taste it gives to life, I had to revolt against their thoughts saying: “My friends, all you said is true, but nobody wanted to think of the …

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How should the relationship between a woman and her X- husband be when there are children in between

By Abdul latif Al Hourani   God has allowed for divorce to happen, to conclude a relation between a couple, in case continuing together has become impossible. Regardless of the reasons for divorce, which are many, sadly, many of these cases turn into a hardship and the once loving couple become kind of enemies, it could develop into real feel …

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So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success


By Doron Gil, Ph.D.   Many women are quite “susceptible” to suffer after a broken relationship. The reasons might be many, and might differ from one woman to another. However, the main issue is, whether a woman can “learn” how to maintain a successful intimate relationship and not having the need to look for a new partner time and again. …

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Left Alone With Just a Memory


By Alexa Keating    They’re gone, it’s over, the end… someone you love has left and all you can feel is loneliness; there’s nothing left to feel. Life becomes surreal when you lose someone you love. Overwhelming emotions surface when someone who said they would always stay, or a child you believed would be there to your end is suddenly …

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