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The other Face of Love

By Ramzi Al Arabi   In the middle of a mature conversation with some friends, who kept blowing my mind about the unstoppable softness of love, the happiness it brings and the wonderful taste it gives to life, I had to revolt against their thoughts saying: “My friends, all you said is true, but nobody wanted to think of the …

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So What Stands in Your Way From Having a Satisfying Relationship? Finding Out Is the Key to Success


By Doron Gil, Ph.D.   Many women are quite “susceptible” to suffer after a broken relationship. The reasons might be many, and might differ from one woman to another. However, the main issue is, whether a woman can “learn” how to maintain a successful intimate relationship and not having the need to look for a new partner time and again. …

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Move On


By Nayla Baraki You ruined my life You made me dive In your dark worthless sea So drowned I’ll be To pieces my heart you tore Devoid of morals you asked for more You showed no mercy at all You made me slowly fall So deep You made me weep Waking up from my sleep I realized that you are …

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Lapses of a Lover

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   What sweet madness provokes a lover whose heart adores the beloved’s beauty, reads the silent expressions of her eyes and studies madly her body’s movements. Adding resemblance to dreams and passions, sings the lyrics of pleasures and solitude And, to refer lady-love with constant regard oft dies blindly to live in love.

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Weak Marriages

By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Ah! there’s a trickery in weak marriages which turn wedding ties into barren beds And, more mistrust and torture on the woman to task her life with the blisters of injustice. Lo! what a brutality in manhood! that men prove themselves wrongful owners for no bond exists where no gracious peace nor when woman’s fairest …

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