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Self-Awareness: Enhance Your Child’s Self-Esteem

By Dr. Candice Render, Educational Psychologist at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology Cultivating a healthy self-esteem for your child is key to a lifetime of well-being and happiness Children with high self-esteem value themselves and have a more realistic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, while children with an unhealthy self-esteem, often have a hard time fitting in …

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The Power of Self Talk

power_of_self_talk_arab_woman_platform (1)

By Coach Yasmine Farouk   When a message, positive or negative, is thought over and over, it forms a groove in the brain. The more often it occurs, the deeper the groove becomes. As a negative thought becomes replaced with a corrective, positive thought, the groove begins to shrink, and the positive thought creates a new groove. Therefore if your self esteem …

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5 Good Habits to Raise Self Esteem

By Asma Naim The foundations of self-esteem are created early in childhood. For instance, if an individual’s interactions with parents and others were, for the most part, positive (mutually caring, happy, and sound relationships), the individual’s self-esteem would likely be high. However, if parental and other primary interactions were mainly negative, an individual’s self-esteem could be lacking. BUT.. Self Esteem …

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