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From Social Media, With Love

  By Lina Al-Khoury, Social Activist   Since the new “Big Bang” installed itself in our daily lives, people tend to be obsessed with “stalking” everyone and posting their personal issues on social media. It became a transactional process of giving and taking personal information about everyone, creating a way to killing doubt and proving facts. The credibility given to …

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Think of ‘Twitter’


By Mohammed Abdul Jawad   Do you feel the need for online social networking and microblogging? Think of ‘Twitter’—the SMS of the Internet. Like the chirping of a bird, when you keep tweeting, you build a ligament of social networking spirit. You make your voice publicized, you become known, you are aware of others’, and you read others’ notions and …

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The Epidemic of Social Media

The Epidemic of Social Media Picture this: Mother preparing dinner in the kitchen. Father responding to work emails and going back and forth between social media applications to communicate with his company’s clients. Son playing a video game online with his online friends (some who are total strangers to him in real life). Daughter checking out her followers life events on …

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