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The Perfect One

By Suha Abdelqader   I am the perfect one! You never had to sleep next to my frustrations, Then wake up to my mood swings You never worried about providing for me, because a “selected” “occasional” gift went a long way; And you never had to keep a brave face, On the contrary, you showed me your weakness willingly   …

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My Brother’s Car Trunk

 By Suha Abdulqader “This is a man’s car-trunk” he said proudly as he showed me a spotless empty spacious trunk with only a jacket folded neatly in the corner. I stared in amazement and I have to say it took me a while to realize what it is that was so fascinating and almost magical: nothingness. What happened here? I …

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By Suha Abdelqader     You’re probably nodding your head already, because if you’re not one, you most likely know or suffer from one.  Well, I most definitely am a middle child.  The glove fits I assure you. In fact, today it manifested itself to me in all its glory: the middle child’s need for recognition; you see, I actually dedicated …

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