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Meet The Talented Saudi Artist Shua’a Al Dossry


She established “Tabasheer” art gallery one of the first of its kind in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia offering courses in art. Her art work comes from different schools of thought, and a variety of elements, combining tradition and modernity giving it unique characteristics.

Arab Woman Platform chose the artist Shua’a Al Dossry as an inspirational figure in this issue for her contribution to the artistic movement in Saudi Arabia.

Can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing and how it influenced your artistic talents?

I grew up in a house that appreciates art, my mother and sisters are engaged in drawing, sewing and crochet among other things. My father is a knowledgeable educated man understanding the importance of talent, I will never forget him carrying my tools when visiting libraries and driving me to visit art exhibitions when I was still a student in high school.

I was a member of an art center that helped in the development of my talent and facilitated my participation in exhibitions from the age of 15 taking part along other artists in that time; I was in my first year of high school when I participated in the exhibition of Culture and Arts Association and Youth Welfare Center.

My early beginnings gave me a lot of experience and introduced me to different Artistic domains early on.

shuaartgallery-Arab Woman Platform

Where did you complete your technical study in art? And how did you become a professional artist?

Throughout my early years I experimented in all kinds of arts and mediums.

I studied at the Faculty of Arts, after my secondary education I directly studied teaching and throughout I taught art and I loved teaching children. After 15 years I was appointed supervisor of Art Education, despite the differences in specialization and that was in order to prove myself and to develop my skills, thankfully.

I did not like administrative work so I introduced a project to train teachers and that is how I served the remaining time in my career.

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Tell us about your first art exhibition? How did you feel when your work so the light and gained recognition? 

Of course it was a memorable event when I made my debut at the exhibition; the number of female artists at that time was very scares and counted on fingers.

It took too long for me personally to set up my exhibition, but it combined my best collections and was a great experience which was the product of “Maras 1” and “Maras 2” was in Jeddah.

shuaadossryhand-Arab Woman Platform

In general how do you see Saudi women demand and appreciate of arts? What are the obstacles they face if they are to develop artistic talents?

Saudi women have shown clear appreciate and demand for art that is more evident in recent times as art is witnessing a big boom with children as well as adults, they are more keen and interested in art as they become more knowledgeable and aware.

In some cases we find those who get stuck in their quest for art from social circumstances beyond their control, and others fail due to inaction and laziness or lack of awareness.

Other significant obstacles are the lack of official organizations to support the arts, lack of availability of some raw materials and or its high expense, transportation, and lack of support from some family members.

shuaadossrysewing-Arab Woman Platfrom


What distinguishes the art work of Shua’a Al-Dossari? And where do you derive your inspiration from for your art work?

I am interested in work that touches a certain feel, and the way color is processed in a way that satisfies me. Sometimes my inspiration is derived from the position or view from nature, from a word or something I read. 

shuaadossryartfaces-Arab Woman Platform

What do you advice Saudi and Arab women that have a talent for art and want to develop it?

My advice is never stop self-developing, and continuously strive in practicing and participating.

shuaadossrycolor-Arab Woman Platform

To see more of Shuaa Al Dossry Art work follow her on Instagram


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