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By Su’ad Grier


I just sent my 16 year old daughter to her room. Although 16, she acts 9, she eats unhealthy, refuses to eat my cooking, and then cries at herself in the mirror whenever she gains a kilogram. I just fought with her about what she’s going to do in her life, she wants to take a gap year instead of going to university directly, which although my husband is against I’m all open to, but she doesn’t want to do anything useful, she just wants to go party in Ibiza, she can’t even speak Spanish.

My other two sons? The eldest is already in university, we didn’t have much trouble with him. He’s ambitious and he knows what he wants to do, the youngest? He insists on continuing to live his life by making YouTube videos. Somehow my husband didn’t shoot that idea down completely.

I can’t remember a time when I was carrying anyone of my kids and  thought that they’d be so difficult to handle, so irresponsible, so ghastly. I’m glad that the first one turned out the way he did, but even he took up a lot during growing up. He ran away a few times, he was involved in several fights in his school. Thank god for puberty, all the hormones, and the way they cause our children to act up in ways we never expected them to.

But you know what? I think I understand the problem. When we look at them, we never look at all their good aspects, always the negative ones. They didn’t flunk out  of school, in fact, they’re acing most of their classes. None of them has been involved in a serious crime, none of them has ever done drugs, alcohol maybe, but drugs. None of them are addicts, they all know to some extent what they want to do with their lives, they put effort in to improve themselves, no matter how they do it. The son that makes YouTube videos, spent his entire summer learning how to use Photoshop so he’d be able to edit his videos properly. Now he’s learning how to do the serious part of editing videos, and frankly, being able to go on his YouTube page and see that he has innumerable YouTube videos makes me happy and proud.

I don’t know what my daughter is going to end up doing with her life, or if she has it all figured out (she doesn’t) but from now on I think I’m going to support her in whatever it is that she wants to do, and no matter what society thinks of it, I’m going to be proud of her as she does it.

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