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The 6 Biggest Hiring Challenges You May Face

By Alexander Rauser, Chief Executive Officer, Prototype.


Recruiting a suitable candidate could be one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business. It is vital to train staff and set up a talent program that allows each member to have a clear understanding on how they can improve based on the direction they want to take in their respective careers.

Alexander Rauser, CEO of Prototype, believes, “Investing into training is as important as creating a space that allows talent from all over the world to come together and work on great digital experiences. We have 13 nationalities in the company, which means every third person at Prototype comes from another country and culture –  it’s quite diverse and it makes us who we are.”

While it’s great to have star employees with the right attitude and passion, an entrepreneur is sometimes faced with various challenges while recruiting.  Rauser, shares his top six problems:

Lack of digital experience
In our industry one of the biggest challenges is to find people with experience in digital; and that is mainly because the demand for digital talent is growing year by year, while the availability of new talent is lacking behind. There are many schools that focus on specific digital education, but based on the requirements, the availability of the talent is scarce. As a company that offers digital services, we need to make sure the team hired are experts in the field and can deliver the best. The way to go about is to invest in training, but of course also to find the best talent available.

Weak certifications & standards
Most of the CVs that we receive come from people that either have work experience in a specific field, such as design or technology, or moved into digital at a later stage in their career. It’s always easier and preferred to hire locally, but if the local market is unable to provide the required talent, you should try and attract talent from all over the world.

Vast number of applicants
Everyone involved in recruitment will know that the number of applicants that you get for a single job post is astonishing. People don’t always read job descriptions, nor respond to the requirements in job posts. While it’s easy to filter them out, it still creates a lot of noise for the good applicants and makes it harder to stand out.

Matching skills to internal requirements
Hiring people based on their skills is one way to go, but competencies and the right attitude are sometimes most important. Highly motivated people can easily learn skills, and we have seen them outperform other candidates quickly, simply by being motivated. While skills are important for us, we usually pay a lot of attention towards attitude, motivation and a cultural fit.

Lack of local talent
While the digital scene has grown a lot over the last 10 years there is still a lack of local talent in the market. From an educational perspective, a lot of work needs to be done. Especially, the fact that most educational systems still don’t offer a proper dual system where students learn and gain work experience at the same time. I personally think this is a big drawback and needs to be improved.

The rise in freelancing
Another challenge in our industry is the fact that a lot of talent is moving into the freelance space. They work remotely from wherever they want, which of course gives them a lot of freedom in terms of location. While technically working remotely is not a bad thing, it becomes difficult to build a teamwork culture if people are working at different locations and time-zones.

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