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The Celebration of Death

By Razan Al Taher

Have you ever dazed off in how phenomenally beautiful babies are. Look at their faces; no matter what color, what eye shape, nose, cheeks, hair color or style…babies are always beautiful. That’s how we are all born; beautiful.

I believe beauty is the beauty of the soul and we are all born with beautiful souls but it is our wrong doings and sins that transform it to ugliness which always reflect on the surface at our death time. Science will continue to fail in making us look pretty when we die, but where science fails, Allah’s miracles are revealed. No cosmetic procedure will undo the ugliness of our sins when we die, only repenting and the miracle of Allah will show the beauty of the life we created.

Two days ago, my mother and my uncles and aunts, were certain there was nothing more they could do. It was time to leave grandma to the merci of the merciful, Allah the Almighty. There was really nothing they could do for death is unavoidable. Yet watching her die was so painful as you feel incredibly helpless against the force of death.

Through the pain and the grief, I can still now manage to smile. Science has managed to develop all kinds of cosmetics and surgeries to keep us looking young. However, growing old is inevitable, you just can’t turn back the hands of time. Yet two days ago, miraculously I saw what my grandmother looked like when she was thirty years old. A live picture, not a rusty old picture.

The room was filled with people who loved and respected her, praying for her loudly. Even the visitors at the patients’ rooms next by, came outside at the sound of our prayers asking Allah to have merci on her soul and take care of her. That is how I knew that my grandma did not just know how to make a living but a life, as my grandpa may he rest in peace did as well. They had six children, but raised twelve; me, my brothers and my cousins.

How did they know how to make a life? Well, they knew the secret. The secret is evidently in finding your purpose in life.

Islam has long saved us the dilemma of trying to figure out the purpose of our life; of our existence. We are all born here to worship Allah and to construct the earth. There are unambiguous and clear courses of action on how we are meant to worship Allah, however we were not provided with precise ways on how to build the earth. We were only given guidelines that illustrate to us right and wrong.

Ever questioned why?

The answer is rather very simple, because each of us has a certain purpose, together; these purposes intertwine in constructing the earth. Should you look for your purpose? Yes and no. Yes, because living without a purpose is not living but existing. No, because it will come to you, you only need to use your faith in realizing that you are here for a reason.


Very easy! When you understand and aim to live by the purpose which Allah has certified for you, HE will provide you with a purpose that best suits you. Some people are perfect for science and inventions, some excel in art, some are born leaders, others are amazing role models for parenting. Allah the gracious always has a master plan for you if you seek his guidance and have faith.

Nonetheless, you also need to acknowledge the truth that we are not masterminds; we are simply Allah’s creation and humans are exclusive of any insight of the future. You should be content in knowing you will be guided to your purpose. No matter what your purpose is, once you take hold of it, shine in it and never underestimate it for this is how you create a life not just a living.

It is today that I sorrowfully grasped the profound reflection of how most of us have learned how to make a living but not a life. And so I supplicate for you my friends to find your purpose! Your life should not be just a series of biological processes and chemical reactions, but a remembrance and resemblance of your existence. Your life should be the beauty that will polish your wrinkled exhausted face when you leave the life of mortality and enter the world of immortality.

When we were born everyone around us was smiling and we were crying, but the next time you are born to yet another border life that far exceeds our limited knowledge and imagination, you will have the choice. Smiling or crying?

Every day should be a celebration of another chance, another possibility, yet another opportunity to work hard in the hopes and prayers that you will eventually celebrate your death…celebrate the day you leave this life smiling when everyone around you is crying.

Today I declare the birth of a new era to the ideology of death; rebirth, a celebration of immortal happiness or otherwise. Your choice!


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