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The child Inside.. Open Your Eyes!

By Viplove Sharma

“The innocent drops of dew, who don’t know where they are heading to, but unknowingly turning every pebble on this earth fresh, making it colorful even by its transparent hue”

We all were children some time ago. But I feel I’m still a child. We all are. It’s just that the innocence of the dew drop has gone invisible under the shadow of knowledge and the transparent hue seems to be hazy in the fog of intelligence. But the drop never evaporates. The child inside is alive but not kicking. Just wake him up.. shake him up. Here he opens his eyes.. and there come smiles in your life.

The child who ran towards every candy he saw, the child who laughed his heart out watching Tom running behind Jerry, the child who kicked the ball to every corner of his neighborhood, the child who hated going to school, the child who waited for the last school bell, the child who screamed at his first bicycle.. the child seems to have gotten lost somewhere. After being forced to gulp the candy of education, the child runs behind jobs. After getting kicked to every corner of his world he gets a job. Then he hates going to the job, always waits for the weekend to come. And he always screams at his appraisals.. Why only me??

Sitting broken, having lost, a thought comes to mind. Wish I still were a child. At least I would have got a lap to cry, a hand to wipe the tears and a song to make me sleep. The time has changed. But not the child. He is still hidden deep inside you, suffocating in the lack of attention. Just bring him out and see the change. Forget for a while that you are living in a world of expectations and responsibilities. Come to the child’s world. The world where everything looks so simple. Everything is either good or bad and nothing in between. All that is felt is all that is heard and all that is seen, and nothing in between. This world looks so pure and clean..

How different we have become.. from the child we were. A child remains happy in whatever he does. When at times he falls down he cries his heart out to the people around till they pick him up. And if he doesn’t find anyone he chooses to be silent. No one to hear him. Strange but true – we as grown-ups behave exactly the opposite. We always complain in whatever field we work. And when we fail in life we pretend to be brave by gulping the tears to show the world how strong we are. At the end of the day, we end up crying to ourselves.. with no shoulder to soak. Sometimes I feel that how smart an innocent child can be.. and how ignorant an intelligent man can be..

All said and done. Being a child in this materialistic world is not a child’s play. It’s no more toys and dolls for a man who struggles to remain alive. Dreams do not excite him anymore after hitting the reality so often. Everything looks so complex. So difficult to separate good from evil. All that is heard and all that is seen is not always that has been. This world is so practical and definitely not clean. What good old days they were.. in the child’s world. Sometimes I feel like going back to those light moments of childhood breaking away from the heavy chains of the grown up world. I wish the time could roll back to those days.. and stop!

We may not be able to go back in time but can definitely try to wake up the child in ourselves. Celebrate the smallest of the victories in life just in the manner a child does when getting a gift. Express the sorrows to friends as loud as a child cries when hurt. Listen to the heart – it’s always pure, just like a child. Do what you feel. Forget that the world is watching you. Being childish at times doesn’t mean being immature. The little child in us always wants to play. Here you give him fresh air.. and there he makes your life a child’s play.

Writ by: Viplove Sharma

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